Another Day, Another Nightmare! Bhindi Noodles Is The Latest Weird Combo We Have Witnessed!

by Shreya Ghosh
Another Day, Another Nightmare! Bhindi Noodles Is The Latest Weird Combo We Have Witnessed!

Who doesn’t love to gorge on some yummylicious noodles? Dipped in lots of oil, spices, shredded pieces of eggs, chicken, and some veggies; a bowl of delish hakka noodles is what we need to satiate our cravings for desi Chinese food. Many of us might not love to eat vegetables regularly but we don’t mind some carrots and beans in noodles. But what about some bhindi in your noodles? Yes, we can clearly understand that expression on your face but it is what it is! A photo of a bowl of bhindi noodles is getting viral on social media and we are clueless about what to say about it! Want to see what this noodles bowl looks like? Read on!

A Twitter User Ate Bhindi Noodles In Myanmar

Twitter user Satabdi (@satabdisambedna) uploaded a photo of a bowl of bhindi noodles that she enjoyed in Myanmar. She shared in her tweet that the restaurant was located in Yangon in Myanmar.

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In the picture shared by her, it can be seen the bhindi noodles is served in a black bowl and the name of the restaurant is Chilli Pot Mala Xiang Guo. The noodles look like an assortment of a few vegetables such as bhindi, baby corn, and coriander to garnish. There are a few peanuts added to the dish as well. Everything is cooked nicely with lots of sauces and the yellow colour of the dish totally shows that.

Here’s What Tweeple Have To Say!

When we see any unconventional twist to any popular dish going viral on social media, one thing that always happens is that social media users start lashing out at that weird food combination. No one really likes to see bizarre experiments with pizza, Maggi, dosa, or samosa. But the scenario is a bit different this time. Though noodle is a classic favourite of most people, the reactions to bhindi noodles are unlike most of the time.

Here are some retweets!

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A Twitter user finds this dish to be quite interesting. She tweets about how it is time to move beyond Bhindi cooked in mustard oil as she enjoys in Odisha.

Will you ever try the much-talked-about bhindi noodles? Let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Satabdi (@satabdisambedna)