“Are You Following Racist Policies,” IAS Officer Asks British Airways For Downgrading Her Seat

British Airways downgraded the IAS officer's premium economy seat at the check-in counter.

by Shreya Ghosh
“Are You Following Racist Policies,” IAS Officer Asks British Airways For Downgrading Her Seat

It is never a good flying experience when the airline downgrades passengers’ seats, that too for none of their fault. In a recent similar incident, IAS officer Ashwini Bhide came across a horrible experience when British Airways downgraded her premium economy seat. She was not at all happy hearing this and took to social media to talk about the incident and slammed the airline for doing things under a false pretext.

Indian Bureaucrat Accussed British Airways For Following Racist Policies

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Ashwini Bhide (@AshwiniBhide) shared her travelling experience with this airline.

According to the post, the airline downgraded Ashwini Bhide’s premium economy seat at the check-in counter. She also claimed that the airline did it under the false pretext of overbooking on the flight. In addition to all these, the British Airways airline did not even pay her the flight fare difference or any sort of compensation.

The IAS officer also added in the tweet that she had been told this experience was a common practice by this airline.

British Airways later replied to the post and mentioned that the “Customer Relations team will look into this and advise of any compensation due”. The response also mentioned that passengers downgraded due to overbooking are entitled to the difference in the paid amount of flight tickets.

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Netizens Responded To The Social Media Post

Reading all the reactions under the social media post by Ashwini Bhide, looks like the IAS officer is not the only passenger to face such an experience. Many X users commented how they have faced similar incidents in the past. In fact, many Netizens commented how they stopped flying with British Airways for such behaviour with passengers. From calling it cheating to saying the airline’s customer service is the worst compared with other airlines, here’s what Netizens are responding to online.

This X user shared how she was downgraded from business class to premium economy while flying from Mumbai to London. She still has not received the fare difference.

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Have you travelled with British Airways before? If yes, how were the experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, X (formerly Twitter)/ Ashwini Bhide (@AshwiniBhide)

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