Around The World In 3,512 Days Without A Flight; Meet The Man Who Did The Impossible

by Tooba Shaikh
Around The World In 3,512 Days Without A Flight; Meet The Man Who Did The Impossible

Who doesn’t dream of travelling the world? But we’re sure that this dream involves boarding a plane at some point. Well, not for this guy, it doesn’t. Thor Pedersen from Denmark had a dream to travel the world, but without taking a plane. In May this year, he managed to fulfil his dream. He visited every single country in the world, even the ones that weren’t recognised by the United Nations, without taking a single flight!

Man Visits Every Country In The World Without A Flight

To undertake this behemoth task, Pedersen had to stay away from home for over a decade. He left home in 2013, and while he was travelling the world, only met his wife 27 times. Pedersen is just 44 years old and is the first person to ever accomplish such a task.

He embarked on his mission when he realised nobody else in the history of humanity had ever travelled to every country in the world without taking a flight. He started in 2013 and didn’t look back. He travelled to 203 countries and entered his final one, Maldives, in May.

He plans on going back home to Denmark in July without a flight as well. India was his 168th country and visited the country towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

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351 Bus Rides, 158 Trains & More

In order to accomplish this mission, he had to take a yacht, a horse carriage, one police car, two cruise ships, three sailboats, nine trucks, 33 boats, 37 container ships, 43 tuk-tuks, 158 trains, and 351 buses.

His longest bus ride lasted 54 hours and he took this bus in Brazil. On the other hand, his longest train ride was five days long and took place in Russia. His journey took a total of 3,512 days. Corporate sponsorships, savings, and crowdfunding made his journey possible.

He said that every country that he visited had at least a few helpful people that guided and helped him. And now, after his journey is nearing its end, he says that this is the thought that sustains him.

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Cover Image Credits: Once Upon A Saga/ Facebook