Artist Makes A Sketch Of Ice Cream Vendor & His Smile Melts Our Hearts! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Artist Makes A Sketch Of Ice Cream Vendor & His Smile Melts Our Hearts! 

There are so many unsung heroes around us, who make our lives easier and even bring smiles to our lives. The auto-driver, security guard, ice cream seller, the food delivery agent. We smile because they are there, doing their jobs diligently, making our lives comfortable, and happier. An ice cream vendor who often brings smiles to our faces by serving indulgent desserts, recently got a taste of his medicine, no ice cream. An artist made a sketch of an ice cream vendor and brought a big smile to his face.

Ice Cream Vendor Smiles Widely On Receiving His Portrait Sketch From Artist

An Instagram reel shared by the artist, Sohan VK, has melted the heart of not just an ice cream vendor but the Internet, itself. The video shows Sohan VK drawing a portrait sketch of a staff member at a local ice cream parlour. Dressed in a blue shirt and a yellow cap the ice cream vendor is busy serving ice creams and manning the counter. And Sohan quietly draws an ink sketch of him.


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Once the artist is done with the finishing touches, he goes on to share the portrait sketch with him. The ice cream vendor, seated unassumingly in a corner is surprised to receive a paper with his portrait. Initially, he is surprised and taken aback by the gesture. And then he breaks into a shy smile, which is so pure. Sohan VK captioned the video as ‘Melting moments’. This moment certainly melted our hearts. In no time, the video went viral on Instagram, garnering 9.1 million views.

Netizens Share Sweet Messages

The comments section got flooded with sweet messages. One Netizen commented that she got tears in her eyes while watching this video. Another called the ice cream vendor’s smile ‘priceless’. Many Instagram users commented that they could see some hidden pain in his eyes and wished the best for the ice cream vendor. One even commented that it seemed like he didn’t get such gifts often and thanked the artist for making him smile.

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While ice cream vendors often bring smiles to our faces, it’s so heartwarming to see an artist doing the same for him. This video has certainly melted our hearts, what about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @artofsohan/Instagram