As Kashmir Will Be Freezing Soon, 6 Warmer Indian Destinations Jammu & Kashmir Folks Should Visit

Now that Kashmir is about to experience sub-zero temperatures, here are our recommendations for 6 warmer Indian destinations.

by Shreya Ghosh
As Kashmir Will Be Freezing Soon, 6 Warmer Indian Destinations Jammu & Kashmir Folks Should Visit

India is truly a diverse country and home to a wide range of natural landscapes in different cities and states. While most parts of the country are still waiting to experience the freezing shivers of the winter season, Kashmir has already started witnessing the gruesome cold and major drop in temperature. Well, this is just the beginning as the mercury is going to decrease a lot more. The authorities have given school students a winter holiday of 3 months. With a long time in hand, this break looks like a perfect time to spend some days in warmer Indian destinations and enjoy a little soothing winter season.

Plan A Winter Holiday To These Beautiful & Warmer Indian Destinations

1. Pondicherry

If you are a beach lover and would love to explore the natural magnificence of beaches this winter season, plan a holiday to Pondicherry. Home to some picturesque beaches, this city surely needs to be on your travel bucket list for so many great experiences. From enjoying the perfect ambience of a French town & its architecture to exploring offbeat locations, Pondicheery in December and January seems like a great idea.

2. Jaisalmer

The temperature in the Golden City of India is quite soothing during the winter and makes up for an alluring warmer Indian destination to plan a trip to. Home to ancient forts, this city in Rajasthan is famous among tourists for medieval havelis, extraordinary architecture, and of course the stretches of glittering golden sand.

3. Andaman & Nicobar Islands


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A dreamy holiday to Andaman & Nicobar Islands is on the travel bucket list of most Indian travellers. Surrounded by palm and coconut trees, this warm Indian destination is home to serene clear white-sand beaches with pristine waters and undisturbed views of lush greenery. Without any doubt, this is surely one of India’s most beautiful places to explore.

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4. Varanasi


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Varanasi is famous among travel enthusiasts of all ages. From young tourists to aged travellers, devotees dream of taking a trip to this beautiful city and experiencing its glory. One of the most majestic highlights is enjoying the serenity of the puja ceremony at the ghat. Thousands of locals and visitors make sure to be at the ghat to enjoy the immersive experience.

5. Munnar

When it comes to planning a holiday in Kerala, one of our favourite destinations is Munnar. This is surely one of the warmer Indian destinations and its rich verdant greenery in every corner will impress your eyes and soul. The streams, virgin forests, tea plantations, and serene waterfalls are the must-visit tourist attractions. The weather in the winter season is quite soothing and it is surely the cherry on top for a stunning holiday.

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6. Guwahati

This city in Assam is home to historical temples, picturesque views, magnificent surroundings, and the perfect blend of heritage, culture, and rich traditions. One of the most famous locations to visit is Kamakhya Temple. A vacation to Guwahati in the winter is an amazing idea.

What are your holiday plans for this winter season? Which are your favourite warmer destinations to explore this winter break?

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