Ashneer Grover Says, “Getting A Salary Is A Drug”, And We’re Taking Notes

You will be supplied the drug that Ashneer is talking about at the end of this month.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Ashneer Grover Says, “Getting A Salary Is A Drug”, And We’re Taking Notes

The money mastermind Ashneer Grover has been the talk of the town ever since he appeared on Shark Tank. We wanted to be enlightened by his Doglapan! Therefore, we decided to invite him as a guest on this episode of Sunday Brunch. He joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for a lovely lunch and had ample Doglapan conversations. Catch the entire video live on our channel.

Ashneer Grover’s “Getting A Salary Is A Drug” Is Echoing In Our Ears

Ashneer Grover evaluates every step he takes, whether business-related, investments, or life in general. We wanted to know how he ended up in business when his family background is service-oriented. He told us that his father never wished him to continue on the same path of CA (Chartered Accountant) as his. He rather urged him to open a business. It was in the year 2018 that Ashneer felt he couldn’t continue working in banks anymore.

Kamiya pointed out that starting your own business after leaving a full-fledged job is a very gutsy thing to do. Because at the end of the month, there is a certainty that you will be paid a fixed amount of salary, no matter what. What he said next was very true and we couldn’t help but take notes of this extremely thoughtful mind. Ashneer Grover said, “The sad part is India mein log padh likh kar they want to be risk-free. U.S. mein log padh likh lete hai toh unko aur risk lene ka mann karta hai.” He simply meant that educated Indians are very afraid to take risks when it comes to money; they play it safe. 

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He continued that there is no point in bearing such degrees from great institutions like IIT-IIM. In the end, they worry about making the wrong decisions. If they worry about where their next salary will come from then there is no point in holding such degrees. He also told us that if you have worked for years and saved up money then there is no problem in taking a risk for two to three months. “So I think getting that salary is a drug,” he said. He wants us to overcome this drug and take risks.

Did He Ever Regret Leaving His Job?

Ashneer Grover
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Kamiya questioned him whether there were any situations or moments where he felt that leaving his desk job was a wrong step. Ashneer Grover replied, “No, never, never, kabhi nahi.” He said no so many times that we are sure he is very content with his career choices and one should always be that confident when it comes to your career.

Ashneer said that he thoroughly enjoyed building up the brilliant businesses he has. He always had support from his family, wife and friends. His wife, Madhuri Jain has also been helpful with decisions. Ashneer said that Madhuri takes a lot more risks (compared to Ashneer) because she comes from a business family background. Looks like they make a perfect pair in every aspect.

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Comment down below if you think that seeing that salary is credited message pop up on your phone screen feels like a drug.

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