Asia’s Largest Ever Wholesale Spice Market Is Right Here In Purani Dilli

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Asia’s Largest Ever Wholesale Spice Market Is Right Here In Purani Dilli

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Walk around the lanes of Asia’s largest wholesale spice market in Delhi and see what it’s like to be surrounded by the aroma of famous spices of India.

What Is It?

Known as Khari Baoli, this tiny place in Old Delhi is running since the 17th century. It sells all sorts of herbs and spices, and is Asia’s largest ever spice market. Located adjacent to the Fatehpuri Masjid in the bustling lanes of Purani Dilli, this place boasts shops that are still rooted here from the ninth or tenth generation of the founders of this market.

Khari Baoli meaning ‘salty step-well’ was inaugurated during the reign of Salim Shah, the son of Sher Shah Suri although, no traces of the well can be found today.

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Image credits: India

What’s In It?

You’ll find traders and shoppers looking for the best deals to buy the huge chunks of spices and lentils that are being sold off at cheap prices.

The eye-catching displays of the spices and pickles will tempt you to buy one for yourself as well. The place has become a commercial spot with tourists flocking around the market and sneezing their way through the deepest alleys of the market where the smell of the spices gets really pungent.

A few specialities here would include prunes, dried mulberries, unrefined pink salt, chillies, herbs and grains. It’s a delight to go and pay a visit here in the aromatic display of these beautiful spices.

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Where is it: Swami Vivekanand Marg, Katra Pedan, Fatehpuri, Old Delhi, Delhi 110006
Phone: 099275 80635
Timings: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm


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