Assam Floods: 31 Animals Drown, 82 Rescued In Kaziranga National Park; Human Casualty Rises To 56

16.5 lakh people have been affected by the floods in Assam and wildlife in Kaziranga National Park has been greatly affected as well.

by Tashika Tyagi
Assam Floods: 31 Animals Drown, 82 Rescued In Kaziranga National Park; Human Casualty Rises To 56

The flood situation in Assam is critical. More than 16.5 lakh people across 29 districts have been affected by the flood and the death toll has now risen to 56. Not just humans, but animals are also being affected. So far, around 31 wild animals have, reportedly, died due to drowning in Kaziranga National Park. They have been able to save around 82 animals so far. Read on to know all the updates.

31 Wild Animals Drown In Kaziranga National Park

Assam floods have not just impacted human life but has also taken a massive toll on the wildlife. According to a report in The New Indian Express, 31 animals have died due to drowning in Kaziranga National Park. Thankfully, the rescue teams have been able to save 82 others during this unfortunate flooding in Assam.

The severe flooding has impacted the lives of the animals in Kaziranga National Park. Videos and pictures of many animals leaving the park for higher ground have been circulating on social media. This movement was mainly observed around NH37. To ensure animal safety, the local police also issued traffic diversions around the area.

Many rhinoceros of the park could be seen seeking shelters in nearby dry areas. Another heartbreaking video showed an elephant’s calf being rescued by locals from deep flood waters. Herds of elephants were also seen moving to higher and drier areas to escape the flooding in Assam as well.

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16.5 Lakh People In 29 Districts Affected By The Assam Floods

Assam flood
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

According to The New Indian Express, the floods in Assam have affected about 16.5 lakh people across 2800 villages in 29 districts. The death toll in the state has also increased to 56 on Thursday. The Brahmaputra, Digaru, and Kollong rivers are still flowing above the red mark and an alert has been issued to evacuate areas near these rivers.

The heavy downpour still continues in the state with no signs of relief till July 6, as per IMD’s prediction. Hundreds of relief camps and distribution centres have been set up in the flood-hit districts. The neighbouring state of Manipur has also been hit by floods and more than 2,000 people have been evacuated from heavily flooded areas there.

This is one of the worst floods in Assam in recent history. While the authorities and the officials are doing everything they can, nothing can stop nature when it’s at its worst! We hope the situation improves in the state soon and people are able to resume their normal lives.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/@TrideepL & X/CMOfficeAssam

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