At 23.5m Tall, LIWA Sign Surpasses Hollywood & HATTA To Claim Guinness World Record

UAE sets new Guinness World Record with tallest landmark sign.

by Deeplata Garde
At 23.5m Tall, LIWA Sign Surpasses Hollywood & HATTA To Claim Guinness World Record

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to make headlines with its latest achievement. After securing the Guinness World Record for the tallest landmark sign in the world for HATTA, UAE is back with a new one. Surpassing the title with another landmark in the region, UAE proves its efficiency to compete with itself. The new spot to achieve this remarkable feat belongs to the iconic Liwa sign. It’s located in the Al Dhafra Region Municipality in Abu Dhabi.

Liwa Sign Wins Guinness World Record For Towering Above the Rest

Perched 197 metres above sea level on a picturesque hill, the Liwa landmark sign stands tall at 23.5 metres, weighing an impressive 49 tonnes. Its towering presence commands attention, making it a standout feature against the desert landscape.

The Liwa marker’s record-breaking stature surpasses renowned landmarks like the iconic Hollywood sign, which measures 13.7 metres, and even Dubai’s Hatta mountain marker. With its towering height and captivating design, the Liwa sign takes its place as the tallest landmark sign in the world. This achievement has added another feather to the UAE’s cap of achievements.

Enhancing The Cultural Appeal Of The UAE

The Liwa marker is more than just a record-breaking structure; it’s a testament to the UAE’s dedication to enhancing its cultural and tourism offerings. As part of the Al Dhafra Region Municipality’s initiatives, the Liwa sign contributes to positioning the region as a premier destination for culture and tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Celebrating Tradition

Liwa, known for its desert landscape and rich cultural heritage, hosts annual events such as the Liwa Date Festival and Liwa International Festival. These celebrations showcase Emirati culture and heritage through traditional activities, providing visitors with a glimpse into the UAE’s vibrant past and promising future.

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The UAE’s newest Guinness World Record achievement with the Liwa landmark sign is a testament to the nation’s spirit of innovation and excellence. With its impressive stature and cultural significance, the Liwa sign adds to the allure of Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra region, inviting visitors to explore its rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

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