Australian Family Replicates 15-Hour Flight In Living Room Amid Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Australian Family Replicates 15-Hour Flight In Living Room Amid Lockdown

Home quarantine is unleashing people’s creativity. From inventing delicious meals to creating unique artwork, people are challenging their imagination. An Australian family took quarantine creativity to new heights, literally. Kirsty Russell said her husband, Nathan replicated a 15-hour flight in their living room. They came up with the idea to simulate their flight from Sydney to Munich after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their vacation plan to Europe. If they couldn’t travel by the 15-hour flight, due to the pandemic, the flight could definitely come to them, in their living room.

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What’s In It?

Kirsty Russell stated her husband, Nathan came up with this unique idea to replicate their 15-hour cancelled flight in their living room. They simulated security checks, flight attendants and printed custom boarding passes. The couple initially started this as a joke, but they had a wonderful time. They thought the kids would not be into this at all, but they actually embraced it.

The family packed their bags and got ready to board their Wednesday flight to the fictional “Lounge Chair Air”. This included replica inflight meals, custom boarding passes and a trip through security in their kitchen. Russel live-tweeted the faux flight. Their living room had lounge chairs set up like an airplane cabin. Family members snoozed and watched iPads to pass time. Her husband delivered meals on an old trolley. The meals offered included microwaved food like ‘Cheeseburger Surprise’ and ‘Lasagna A La Freezer’. This was served with a choice of 1-litre alcoholic beverage.

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What’s More?

The Australian family instituted some rules to mimic a flight. This includes using just one toilet. But the children were free to move around and still have their internet and phones on. The best part of this flight was that their dogs could also join them. They got on the lounge chair and slept on the laps of the family. Since their 5 years planned vacation to Europe got cancelled, they decided to tour Europe once they ‘landed’. Did you know To Tackle Toilet Paper Shortage During COVID-19 Pandemic, Australian Newspaper Prints Extra Blank Pages?

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Kristy and Nathan toured Europe from the comfort of their living room by preparing European delicacies and going on virtual tours of popular tourist spots. They made German schnitzel to celebrate their first ‘night’ in Munich and went on a virtual tour to the Louvre Museum in Paris. This staycation was a lovely way to bring the family together. It was just an idea to make the most of this home quarantine situation. This 15-hour flight and this virtual Europe tour was indeed a memorable vacation for the family.