Australia’s Uluru Is Having A One-Of-A-Kind Immersive Light And Sound Show With Drone And Laser Light Technology This May

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Australia’s Uluru Is Having A One-Of-A-Kind Immersive Light And Sound Show With Drone And Laser Light Technology This May

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia is preparing to launch a fully immersive light and sound show at Ayers Rock Resort in Uluru this May. It promises to be a breathtaking, never-before-seen show that will combine drone and laser technology with ancient Anangu storytelling. This immersive display is called Wintjiri Wiru, which in their local Anangu language means ‘beautiful view out to the horizon’. 

Immersive Light And Sound Show In Uluru

This will be the first time anywhere in the world that a light and sound show with lasers, projection, and a drone of this magnitude will be presented on a daily basis. A chapter from the Mala ancestral story that sits between the people of Mala and the Mulga-seed man will be brought to life with this show. The show has its roots deep in the rich culture and history of the traditional Anangu landowners. 

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At the resort, Wintjiri Wiru will participate in Bruce Murno’s renowned “Field of Light” exhibit. More than a thousand drones will be used in the show, along with choreography, visual art, and narration in Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara languages , to depict tremendous ancient pictures in the sky. Additionally, spectators can listen to recordings of historical inma (ceremonies) from the nearby Anangu community.

Anangu Community Helped In The Process

Members of the Anangu community assisted in the development of Wintjiri Wiru, narrating the story and providing graphic design advice. They also helped with the music to make sure that every bit of this experience was in line with the culture’s protocols. The programme reflects an increase in tourists’ desire to learn more about and engage with Indigenous culture and stories.

The Wintjiri Wiru event, which connects the ground and sky to create an expansive sensation of light and sound in Uluru’s presence, will illuminate the Central Desert with a show of lights, projections, and lasers gleaming on the spinifex and mulga. CEO of Voyages, Matthew Cameron-Smith, said that the group is honoured that they can share the cultural importance of the Mala story with the guests. 


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