Ayodhya Helicopter Service: Route, Fare, Start Date & All You Need To Know

by Shreya Ghosh
Ayodhya Helicopter Service: Route, Fare, Start Date & All You Need To Know

Ayodhya is one of the most beautiful cities in Uttar Pradesh. Home to iconic religious temples, this Indian city is on the bucket list of every devotee. And now there is one more fascinating reason to plan a trip here. The city has initiated helicopter services to witness the magnificence from a bird’s eye view. We can clearly get an idea of how stunning the experience of the Ayodhya helicopter service will be for the tourists visiting Ayodhya. Here are all the deets of the helicopter rides you need to know.

UP Tourism Took The Initiative To Begin This New Journey

Ayodhya Helicopter Service
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Uttar Pradesh Tourism is initiating new travel experiences to increase tourist footfall here. Helicopter services are their latest addition and we are quite certain that this is going to be a hit among devotees. It has been some time since this new experience began in Ayodhya. UP Tourism began this on the auspicious occasion of Rama Navami. This is an incredible beginning of an all-new journey and this is an amazing decision taken to boost the tourism sector here.

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Jaiveer Singh, the tourism minister of Uttar Pradesh, stated that the government is launching new initiatives and schemes in Ayodhya so that the city can promote tourism, according to a report by The Time Of India- India Times.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Ayodhya Helicopter Service:

Ayodhya Helicopter Service
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  • You will need to pay ₹3,000 for each visitor to avail of the helicopter services.
  • This journey is about 7-8 minutes long.
  • Starting from the Saryu guest house, this helicopter ride takes tourists on a memorable journey in the air to witness panoramic views of the Ayodhya and the Saryu River, according to an official statement.
  • Ayodhya helicopter service has been started for 15 days only as of now.
  • With more tourists visiting here, the helicopter services will be resumed once again.
  • With more demand, helicopters will be increased as well.

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Ayodhya helicopter service is surely something that needs to be on your itinerary while planning a trip here.

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