Bad Weather Conditions Play Foul In India-UAE Flight Schedule,8 Flights Delayed Overall

by Deeplata Garde
Bad Weather Conditions Play Foul In India-UAE Flight Schedule,8 Flights Delayed Overall

Weather in UAE has been taking a hit since Christmas and the conditions are not getting any better. Similar news came from India where the capital has been facing severe cold temperatures. And the ones to suffer this bad climate are the travellers who had their flights booked. Owing to the bad weather conditions, UAE-India flights have been delayed.

Dubai Bound Flights Face Delay

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At Indira Gandhi International Airport on Friday, poor weather that was prevalent in Northern and Central India caused more than eight airline departures to be delayed. Out of which 2 flights were Dubai bound. Several planes landing at Delhi IGI cited delays, according to the source.

The Delhi Airport announced a fog caution earlier on Thursday for all travellers. The Delhi Airport was undergoing poor visibility measures.
The authorities noted that all air services are presently safe and asked that travellers seeking the latest flight information get in touch with the relevant carrier.

According to the IMD projection, several areas of central India and surrounding regions of the peninsula, east, and northwest India are anticipated to see the minimum and maximum temperatures in January 2023 that are below average.

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Fog Alert Delayed 8 Flights

Air India‘s 9.00 am flight to Dubai was rearranged for 10.50 am. SpiceJet postponed another flight with a destination in Dubai from 7.30 am to 8.29 am.

Air India’s 10.25 am flight to Jeddah was rescheduled for 1.10 pm. While a flight from Air India to Warsaw was postponed by 1.45 hours, and the one to Kathmandu was late by 1.02 hours.

A flight to Istanbul was delayed from 6.55 am to 7.38 am, while a trip to Dhaka was moved from 6.30 am to 7.31 am.

The flight to Phuket flew at 6.56 am and was supposed to take off around 6.25 am, and the flight to Bahrain was rescheduled from 5.40 am to 6.53 am.

There was complete chaos at the airport due to this series of rescheduling events of flights from Delhi Airport to multiple destinations.

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