Bali Bans All Tourist Activities On Mountains And Volcanoes. Travellers, Take Note

by Shreya Ghosh

Bali is a popular destination all around the world and globetrotters travel to this beautiful place to witness its magical natural aura and enjoy all the fun and thrilling tourism activities. Sadly, a ban has been imposed on the operations of tourist activities on all the mountains and volcanoes in Bali with immediate effect. Governor Wayan Koster issued the policy declaration for the ban of all these activities.

Now Tourists Cannot Enjoy Tourist Activities In Bali’s Mountains & Volcanoes


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Thousands and lakhs of travellers plan their holidays here just to enjoy the breathtaking experiences of these fun-filled activities. Tourists who are planning to go on a vacation to Bali from now on will surely miss out on a lot of new things and the most iconic experiences of Bali. This destination is known for its highlands, epic mountain terrains, and mesmerising beauty surrounding it. And now both domestic and overseas tourists can never enjoy these experiences. In fact, the ban does not let anyone to even be in the mountains, according to a report by The Bali Sun.

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This significant ban has been imposed forever and comes with a set of rules and regulations as well. Soon, there will be rules that will focus on controlling the ban here. The Governor mentioned that local people will be allowed to be in the mountains only during some specific times. If there are any religious celebrations, specific activities, or any natural disaster, then people can go to the mountains. This rule is only for the times when it is absolutely necessary. Else, the ban allows no one to be in the mountains and enjoy any activities on mountains and volcanoes in Bali ever.

Why Is There A Ban On World-Famous Tourism Activities All Of A Sudden?


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The mountains and volcanoes are some of the biggest tourist attractions of Bali. The sudden decision to ban such popular places with immediate effect might come as a shock to many. Well, many overseas visitors have not taken proper care of these beautiful places in Bali. Also, there have been some accidents and unfortunately death incidents as well.

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Have you ever been to Bali before? If yes, how was your experience of enjoying the tourist experiences on the mountains and volcanoes?

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