Bid Bye-Bye To Bikes In Bali: Foreign Tourists May Soon Be Banned From Using Bikes

by Tooba Shaikh
Bid Bye-Bye To Bikes In Bali: Foreign Tourists May Soon Be Banned From Using Bikes

Bali is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. And why shouldn’t it be? It is beautiful and pristine and offers tourists a plethora of cultural and entertainment experiences. One of the most popular ways for tourists to get around town in Bali is via bikes. However, it seems that many foreign tourists are using motorbikes for a number of misdemeanours. This has led to the government mulling over banning motorbikes for tourists permanently.

Bali May Bid Bye-Bye To Bikes

According to a number of reports, many foreign tourists are committing a number of misdemeanours while using two-wheelers. These include driving the vehicle while drunk, not wearing a helmet and even driving rashly on the road. Some foreign tourists were even caught driving motorcycles without a valid driving licence.

Owing to these issues, government officials in Bali are mulling over banning the use of two-wheelers by foreign tourists. However, nothing is said for sure as of now as there are a number of other issues that will arise if two-wheelers are banned in the region.

Some of the many major attractions that bring tourists to Bali are its scenic islands. These islands have become hotspots for tourists and a number of posh and luxurious, as well as other affordable hotels have opened up. The tourism industry is booming as of now in Bali.

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Issues In Banning The Use Of Two-Wheelers

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There are some pretty convincing reasons as to why the government is hesitant in banning two-wheelers for foreign tourists. Initially, the government proposed that instead of letting foreign tourists use two-wheelers, they can use four-wheelers rented out by travel agents and rental companies.

But this solution would not be adequate for a number of reasons. Bali’s main attractions are the islands, sure. However, there are many remotely located places as well that are, more often than not, inaccessible by cars or four-wheelers. Hence, if two-wheelers are banned, tourists may find it difficult to access these remote locations.

This, in turn, would negatively impact the tourism industry. Furthermore, if the rule for four-wheelers is passed, the streets and roads of Bali will be flooded with vehicles. It will significantly increase the issue of traffic congestion and bottle-necking of roads.

Hence, government officials have not taken any decision so far and it is unclear whether a blanketed ban on two-wheelers will happen.

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