Bali’s Tourism Board Has Listed Down Ways One Can Easily Commute In Bali, Bookmark This

by Shreya Shriyan
Bali’s Tourism Board Has Listed Down Ways One Can Easily Commute In Bali, Bookmark This

If you were planning a trip to Bali but worried about your commute, fret not. Bali’s tourism board has got your back. The tourism board released a set of guidelines using their social media platform. An informative set of guidelines that can help you navigate your travel while in Bali. Here’s what the guidelines suggest. 

Bali’s Tourism Board Releases Guidelines For Seamless Travelling

The Bali Tourism Board has released updated recommendations for navigating the island effectively. This development is significant because there has been an ongoing debate for years regarding the permissibility of tourists using ride-hailing apps, reported The Bali Sun. 

The Bali Tourism Board presented its key recommendations for navigating the island through an infographic. While travelling within Bali remains simple, tourists need to take a proactive approach to arrange their own transportation, stated the report. This is due to the limited public transportation in Bali. 

While public buses do exist in Bali, they primarily connect local destinations rather than directly serving popular tourist spots. The current problem of public transportation in Bali is receiving significant attention, reported The Bali Sun 

Governor Wayan Koster of Bali has recently unveiled a fresh collaboration with the Department of Transportation in Jakarta. This partnership aims to develop a new MTR and LRT rail network in Denpasar City, connecting Bali Airport with major resort areas such as Seminyak and Sanur.

What Does The Guideline Infographic Say?

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Here’s what the guidelines state as per the infographic: 

  1. Private car with driver 
  2. Motorbike Taxis 
  3. Traditional Taxis
  4. Public Buses 
  5. Road Traffic consideration

The notable part of the fairly simple guideline is the mention of Motorbike taxis like Go-jek and GrabBike. In the past, ride-hailing app drivers and local drivers have been reported to have arguments about passenger intake.  This has reportedly affected the way tourists plan their travel while in Bali, said The Bali Sun.

But the issuing of the guideline gives a sense of relief to the travellers as they can easily make their decision about using the ride-hailing app services.  According to the Bali Tourism Board, motorbike taxis such as Go-Jek and Grab Bike offer one of the most effective means of transportation across the island.

The board suggests, “Much like ride-hailing services, travellers can utilize apps like GoJek and GrabBike to reserve motorbike taxis. Especially for short-distance travel.  These options are budget-friendly and easily accessible in most regions, reported The Bali Sun.

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