Bangalore Declares Using Headphone Or Bluetooth While Driving Or Riding In City As Illegal 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Declares Using Headphone Or Bluetooth While Driving Or Riding In City As Illegal 

Bangaloreans, the next time you drive or ride in your city, you might want to ditch your headphones or Bluetooth. Bangalore Police recently announced that using headphones while riding a two-wheeler, by placing them under the helmet is prohibited. Moreover, using Bluetooth technology while driving a four-wheeler is also declared illegal. It can attract fines. Read on to know more.

Illegal To Use Bluetooth & Headphones While Driving Or Riding In Bangalore

This new rule declared by Bangalore Police is in sync with the Central laws that permit the use of mobile phones while driving for only navigation purposes. If drivers are caught using headphones, the Bangalore Traffic Police will fine them ₹1000. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recategorised the use of mobiles while driving on the roads as “dangerous driving”.

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illegal to use bluetooth while driving in bangalore
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Get Ready To Pay Fine Of ₹1000 On Violation

B R Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) revealed to Deccan Herald that as per the Motor Vehicles Act, using gadgets while driving or riding will divert the attention while operating the vehicle.  Gowda clarified with Deccan Herald that drivers and riders can use their devices for navigation. He revealed from his experiences that many people keep their mobile phones in the pocket. But they use Bluetooth devices and headphones to listen to songs and communicate, and this can itself lead to accidents and put innocent people on the road at risk.

illegal to use bluetooth while driving in bangalore

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Criticism On New Rule Since It’s Legal In Other Countries

However, Two-wheelers Helmet Manufacturers Associations have slammed the decision of the Bangalore Police. The Association revealed that Bluetooth is a technology that’s used across the world while driving. This is not the first time, this has happened. Kerala Police earlier also issued challans, to four-wheeler drivers who used Bluetooth devices to talk on the phone. According to the MVD Kerala, it’s considered illegal to use a phone or Bluetooth inside the vehicle.