Bangalore Or New York? This Image Has Netizens Playing The Guessing Game

by Shreya Rathod
Bangalore Or New York? This Image Has Netizens Playing The Guessing Game

Besides being the hotspot for IT professionals, Bangalore is one of the few places in India where you can see Pink Trumpets blooming across the city. The city is experiencing one such cherry blossom bloom. Moreover, the infrastructure of the city has changed significantly. There is little to no difference between Bangalore and other cities abroad. And this Twitter image is proof of this!

Is It Bangalore?

A Twitter user, Devikaa posted a beautiful picture of a riverside bench with pink blossoms adorning the surroundings. And it is captioned as ‘New York or Bangalore?’ which explains the uncanny resemblance between the two cities. Moreover, it has left the Netizens confused about where exactly this gorgeous place is. Here is what Twitter users have to say about the image.

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Netizens Guess Almost Every City In India!

The users have guessed almost every place on the map! One of them wrote that the place is definitely New York because Bangalore looks nothing like the image posted. But Devikaa replied that he needs to check the pinned post of Bangalore’s pink trumpets. The image was of the streets of Bangalore during spring.

Another wrote that it is the Mithi river beautification project complete. While others replied ‘with a dash of Shanghai’. Some people thought that the place was Ghoshipurwa in Lucknow, Dholera, Goa, Kolkata, Central Park in Manhattan, Dharavi and Cochin.

The image is a gorgeous one with a wooden bench on the riverside front and a beautiful twilight sky. The pink blossoms looked pretty and refreshing. Every spring, Bangalore turns pink with Pink Trumpets blooming in the city. And it is such a beautiful site that even the state governments showcase these beautiful sights.

In fact, you can see this pink blossom in Meghalaya, including the state’s capital. These flower blossoms turn the streets and garden into a pink paradise! And this wonderful time is celebrated as the Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival includes musical performances and other cultural events. It is one of the prime attractions for tourists. The visitors get to indulge in wine, music, food, and adventure sports.

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So, what do you think about this beautiful image? Would you want to guess the city? Kidding! We know it is our Namma Bengaluru.

Cover Image Courtesy: @devikaamathur/ Twitter