Bangalore Rains Delay Flights & Cause Floods At Kempegowda International Airport

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Rains Delay Flights & Cause Floods At Kempegowda International Airport

There’s an ongoing joke, that when travellers arrive at Bangalore Airport after deboarding a plane, they’d need to next, board a boat to ferry them within the city amid the waterlogging crisis. Bangalore is facing incessant rains that have highlighted the city’s poor infrastructure, an ongoing meme fest on the internet.

Flight To & From Bangalore Get Delayed Due To Rains

On September 5, Bangalore received 131.6 mm of rainfall that’s short of breaking the an-8-year-old record as per the India Meteorological Department. Unprecedented weather conditions have disrupted many flight services at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). According to The Hindu, six flights flying to Bangalore were diverted to Chennai Airport. This includes two international flights.

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Bangalore Airport Premises Flooded

And it’s not just arrivals, heavy rains have delayed departures as well. A spokesperson revealed to The Hindu that flights to Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dubai, and Bangkok were delayed by an average of 25 minutes. Even domestic flights from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and Pune also faced delays. Meanwhile, a viral video shows acute flooding outside Bangalore Airport. Travellers are standing in ankle-deep water with luggage and trolley carts, as cabs splash for transfers. Flyers are using tractors to commute within the airport premises.