Bartending 101: How Much Ice Is Too Much Ice? And What Are The Different Shapes & Sizes Of Ice

by Mallika Khurana
Bartending 101: How Much Ice Is Too Much Ice? And What Are The Different Shapes & Sizes Of Ice

What makes a great cocktail? Good liquor? Check. The right mixer? Double check. What else? Ice, ice, and ice! Ice is certainly more important in a cocktail than most people comprehend it to be. In fact, it truly pushes a cocktail towards greatness. If you want to be an expert at making amazing cocktails, here is all you need to know about ice-ing them the right way!

How Much Ice Is Too Much Ice?

Ice cubes
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If you are looking for an answer to this question, you need to understand the effect of ice first. Sure, it chills your drinks. But what does quantity have to do with it? The more ice, the quicker it chills. But wouldn’t it dilute your drink just as much? Surely, if you let it sit around for a long time, you will end up finding a glass of water. However, if you enjoy it gradually, you will have the perfect cocktail in your hand.

You must also note that more ice means slower dilution. To put it simply, more ice is always a great thing until you give it all the time in the world to melt down and ruin your drink. So, the next time a bartender fills your drink with ice, you can let go of the fear that he is saving up on the liquor.

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Types & Sizes Of Ice To Put In Your Cocktails

Single Big Cube
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If you think the quantity of ice is all you need to worry about, you need to learn about the different shapes and sizes they come in. The surface area and size of the ice have a great impact on the drink; therefore, you need to be mindful of them. While there are a wide variety of ice shapes and sizes that you can put in our cocktails, here are a few you must know about!

Regular Ice Cubes 

Normal ice cubes highlight the carbonation in drinks, and hence, they work best with gin or vodka-based drinks.

Large Ice Cubes

If you are making cocktails like Manhattans or Negronis, you must use large ice cubes that will melt slowly and control the dilution of your drink.

Crushed Ice

If you wish to add some texture to your drink, crushed ice is the way to go. This kind of ice goes well with coffee liqueurs.

Pebble Ice 

If you’re making a drink that requires stirring, pebble ice is the way to go. Also, given its surface area, it doesn’t melt quickly and keeps your drink from getting diluted.

Now that you know all about the shapes and sizes of ice, you can make perfect cocktails at home! 

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