5 Bear Grylls Approved Adventure Travel Destinations You Must Add To Your Wish List

by Sanmita A
5 Bear Grylls Approved Adventure Travel Destinations You Must Add To Your Wish List

What is your travel type? Do you have one? Travellers or tourists, we tend to have an inclination towards a certain kind of travel. The adventure lover, slow traveller, backpacker, one who loves road trips and many such kinds. In this post, we will explore with you the likes of an adventure traveller. And, what can be better than knowing the travel destinations approved by Bear Grylls? Needless to say, his choice of adventure travel destinations would definitely get you in the mood. Read on to find out which adventure travel destinations, Bear Grylls says ‘YES’ to in a Forbes interview.

1. Uttarkhand In India

Let’s start by naming one of Bear Grylls’ preferred adventure travel destinations in India. Pretty steep valleys, mountains, rivers, rocky roads, and scenic trails – Uttarkhand has a lot to offer for adventure travellers. And, Bear Grylls names this place as one of the most preferred adventure travel destinations in the world. So, if you haven’t visited the state yet and felt how travel feels like, you have got to plan travel soon.

2. Bhutan

Grylls, in one of his interviews with Forbes, calls Bhutan an incredible country and we can’t agree more. Bhutan has recently started hosting visitors in the country. Probably, for the adventurers, this can be a good time to enjoy some scenic landscapes and blow some steam off through various adventure activities. Grylls suggests kayaking, archery, trekking and even paragliding. Read more about Bhutan’s extraordinary charm here – Your Guide To Travelling To Bhutan Solo As A Female Traveller

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3. Nepal

Yes, Nepal is another Asian country that made it to Bear Grylls list of awesome adventure travel destinations. In Nepal, he particularly named the Everest National Park. Grylls suggests there are different kinds of adventures to try in Nepal and calls the locals adventure-minded people. He suggests adventure lovers try canyoning excursions, bungee jumping, trekking, skiing and so much more. Nepal has tons of places that are totally great when it comes to exploring the adventure side of Nepal.

4. California In The USA

According to Grylls, California tops the list of adventure travel destinations. There is so much to do in California and you’ll be surprised and wooed if you are a true adventure enthusiast. From hiking to exploring forests, and deserts, California has millions of ways to satiate the adventurous soul in you.


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5. New Zealand

As for New Zealand, he names South Island as being the best in stirring up your adventure spirit. He also tells Forbes that the world’s famous and best adventurers belong to New Zealand. And, when Grylls says it, can we even give a second thought to it? Well, Grylls is the guru of adventure travelling and honestly, ardent adventurers will feel the FOMO that strikes once we see the man on screen. New Zealand landscapes, paired with snowboarding, paragliding, skydiving or kayaking are a treat that you’d want to try.

So, get your travel plans coming!

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