Before And After Pictures Of Top Tourist Destinations

by Gizel Menezes
Before And After Pictures Of Top Tourist Destinations
Never in our wildest dreams had we thought of the possibility of a virus injecting the world and sending it into a state of complete lockdown. Well, a lot has happened since then and this real-life science fantasy film continues to play all around us. But, good news is that countries around the world have started easing restrictions, people are out on the streets again, air traffic has resumed and some countries like Montenegro Have Even Become Coronavirus-Free. In fact, about 26 Countries Have Also Opened Up For Tourism Although Cautiously!

Popular Tourist Destinations: Before And After

But looking back, the pandemic-induced lockdown severely affected the tourism industry. Several popular tourist destinations, which were visited by millions throughout the year, stood eerily empty in the face of the coronavirus. So we decided to go back in time and bring you the before and after images of popular tourist destinations across the world. These are sure to blow your mind.

Image Courtesy: Guardian/Deccan Herald

1. The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum in Rome, build in 70-80 AD, is one of the most-visited archaeological sites in the world. It attracted 7.4 million visitors in 2018. However, the monument stood completely deserted as Italy was in a state of complete lockdown and also witnessed a significant amount of coronavirus-related deaths in the world.

2. Merlion Park, Singapore

The iconic statue in Merlion Park, which is a famous tourist destination in Singapore, stood empty in the wake of the pandemic. With travel restrictions now easing in the country, borders are gradually re-opening to welcome tourists. As safeguards against the virus have been put in place, Singapore has now Made Paid COVID-19 Tests Compulsory For Incoming Travellers.

3. Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre Museum, which is the world’s largest art museum, is also the most visited gallery in the world, and is home to the famous painting of the Mona Lisa. However, the museum shut operations from March 1 to combat the spread of the Coronavirus in France.

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4. Royal Opera House, Sydney

The multi-venue performing arts at Sydney Harbour, which is regarded as one of the world’s most distinctive buildings, was closed to the public amid coronavirus fears.

5. Gateway Of India, Mumbai

This iconic landmark, popular with both tourists and locals alike, is always buzzing with activity at any given point of the day. But, due to the lockdown, the place bore a beautiful yet deserted look. (Footage sourced from Mumbai Live)

6. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this archaeological site in Cambodia, South East Asia, attracts thousands of tourists. However, the coronavirus outbreak caused visitors to vanish. As the country slowly plans to reopen to tourists, it is now Asking Travelers To Add Funeral Costs To Their Trip!

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7. St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City

This major tourist destination attracts up to 3,00,000 people for religious gatherings and events. But in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this iconic spot was uninhabited.

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8. Times Square, New York:

Times Square in New York City is a major tourist attraction, with hundreds and thousands of people enjoying its bright lights, broadway shows, street performers, restaurants and shops. With Trump advising social distancing, it bore a deserted look.

9. The Grand Canal, Venice

One of the busiest places and major tourist site, the Grand Canal was deserted after Italy announced a nationwide lockdown to combat coronavirus. It is also said that during the course of the lockdown Women Delivered Groceries To Elderly Via Gondolas. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

10. Eiffel Tower, Paris:

Trocadero Square near the Eiffel Tower is usually one of the busiest places in the city of love. But due to the enforced COVID-19 lockdown, it stood unnaturally empty. The iconic tourist spot is now set To Reopen On 25 June.

11. Westminster Bridge, London

London’s Westminster Bridge bore an unusually quiet look during the lockdown period. The UK government had announced social distancing measures on 16 March and advised people to work from home wherever possible.

12. The Great Mosque, Saudi Arabia

The Kabba is Islam’s most holiest shrine for 1.8 mn Muslims around the world. However, the holy centre banned the entry of pilgrims due to the pandemic.

As things are starting to get better day-by-day, these tourist places are starting to see some crowds. In fact, countries across the globe are offering discounted holiday packages to attract tourists and reboost their economies. Do watch this video which shows how countries are looking at ingenious ways to attract tourists.

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