Rowing For A Cause: Women Deliver Groceries To Elderly In Venice Via Gondolas

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rowing For A Cause: Women Deliver Groceries To Elderly In Venice Via Gondolas

What comes to your mind when you think of gondolas? The clear blue canals of Venice, the whiff of romance in the air, the gorgeous Venetian boat with musicians onboard, serenading you with traditional music, in all, a perfect touristy experience. Well, gondolas in Venice have now been transformed from an icon of romance to a beacon of hope. A group of women in Venice are delivering groceries to the elderly via gondolas amid the coronavirus lockdown. These professional female rowers are rowing for a cause. They are helping their community members in need while Venice prepares to lift its lockdown.

women deliver groceries to elderly via gondolas
Photo Credits: Andrea Pattaro

What’s In It?

Row Venice is a non-profit organization established with the goal of preserving the Venetian style of rowing. This all-female group consists of at least 15 passionate women. They are professional athletes and champion rowers. Lately, these strong athletic women have been travelling via gondolas and delivering groceries to the elderly, who can’t shop for themselves. The female volunteers don masks and gloves while carrying baskets of food and making their way down the canals of Venice, to help the elderly.

These female rowers have been serving as volunteers for local farmhouses to transport organic products and other essentials to the immunocompromised and the elderly. People in need can easily order groceries on their website and it will be delivered. The group posted on social media that they’re happy to help companies promote an organic lifestyle. They posted on Instagram “We were more than happy to volunteer our boats and crews to lend a hand. We hope this is a reminder to every one of the alternatives Venice has for transportation of both goods (and people!), even after this crisis has passed.”

women deliver groceries to elderly via gondolas
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What’s More?

Italy has been on lockdown since March 9 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since then women have witnessed a need for groceries deliveries, and they thought using gondolas is the perfect way to help Venice and to promote their message. In spite of being one of the most affected European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy announced that it will be easing lockdown restrictions as per CNBC. Small businesses like shops selling children’s clothing, bookshops and stationers have slowly started to reopen. Currently, Italy has 199,414 coronavirus cases with 66,624 recoveries and 26,977 deaths. Since Italy has a large elderly population who are more prone to the infection, their health and well being is of almost priority. In times like these, its a really empowering to witness women rowers have taken the ores to deliver essentials via gondolas and to do their bit to help the society. Did you know Dolphins Return To Clean Venice Canals As Italy Enters Second Week Of Lockdown?