Bengaluru Family Chased By Two Bikers In Broad Daylight, Shares Petrifying Incident On Twitter

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru Family Chased By Two Bikers In Broad Daylight, Shares Petrifying Incident On Twitter

Social media these days helps us be aware of the happenings across the globe. People post about their experiences on the platforms, and that is how people get to know about them. In a similar way, a techie from Bengaluru shared a thread on a very terrifying incident that he experienced with his family in a car on Suranjan Das Road. He claimed that he was attacked by two bikers in broad daylight. 

Bengaluru Family Attacked In Broad Daylight

A Bengaluru-based senior software engineer, Neelesh Salgaonkar, shared a thread on his Twitter account. In this thread, he narrates an incident that he experienced with his teen daughter and wife as they were on Suranjan Das Road in their car. 

The thread explained that the family was travelling from HSR Layout to Old Madras Road when they were attacked by bikers. Two bikers tried to intercept their car after Salgaonkar did not stop when they asked him to. The road was deserted, and sensing the danger, Salgaonkar took a reverse while his wife tried calling 100 but failed to reach the police. 

The petrified family narrated the incident to traffic policemen at BEML Circle and were only directed from one police station to another. Read the thread below:

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Netizens Offered Advice And Expressed Disappointment Too

The thread posted by a Bengaluru techie has by far garnered over 762.3K views and over 3,700 likes on Twitter. 

Many Netizens expressed their anger and disappointment as the affected family had to run from one police station to another to lodge a complaint. They wished for a jurisdiction that offered initial support at such a time of crisis.

Some users advised the techie and others to install a dash cam that can help one gather evidence to catch the culprits. Another user asked people to try and record such incidents on their phones’ cameras. He also mentioned that 112 is the new emergency number across the country.  

One user spoke about how he too faced something similar and then left the city.

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