Bengaluru To Nilgiris- A Roadtrip To Remember!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Bengaluru To Nilgiris- A Roadtrip To Remember!

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From instant noodles to short flights, the world is constantly evolving to a fast-paced life. And in this setup, road trips are hardly a travel option anymore. But we think otherwise! Find out how a rewarding a road trip can be as we curate the perfect road trip from Bengaluru to Nilgiris!



Named after the Neelakurinji flower, the Nilgiris are located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu And Kerala as part of the Western Ghats. A road trip from Bengaluru is absolutely picturesque and definitely worth it!


The journey will have 6 stops, Mysuru being the first and Kotagiri the last. You will get to weave through the beautiful hills and visit places you would otherwise totally miss!


One and a half hour away from Mysuru, you reach the Bandipur National Park, a true nature and animal lovers sanctuary! Go on a safari and spot wildlife like elephants in their natural habitat and just soak in the greenery before you set out again. Tickets are priced at Rs 300 and make sure you reach before 5:30 pm which is closing time.

road trip

road trip

Next stop is Gudalur, famous for its tea plantations, have a quick tea break here! From here, you shall reach the serene town of Ooty, where you can enjoy the scenic Nilgiri hills at its best!

road trip

Next on the list is pretty as a picture Coonoor! The way is stunning with great insta worthy shots of the Nilgiris as you reach your very last stop which is Kotagiri! Here you can marvel at the beautiful Catherine Falls and lose yourself in the canopy of trees at Sim’s Park on the Coonoor-Kotagiri road.




What’s More?

You can undertake this road trip any time of the year and with friends or family or even a solo trip! Either way, you get to tap into the lesser known hidden gems all through from Bengaluru to Kotagiri and lavish in the lap of nature and the sturdy Nilgiri range.


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