Bengaluru’s Brahmin Eateries Spark Debate On Twitter About Casteism In India

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru’s Brahmin Eateries Spark Debate On Twitter About Casteism In India

Haven’t you seen or visited eateries in India that are named after people’s caste? There are so many of them in India showing it being a common practice in Indian society. A Twitter user couldn’t resist himself from posting about the same on his handle on Twitter. The user shared photos of restaurants and cafes with caste names as prefixes available on Zomato and Swiggy sparking a debate on the platform. 

Cafes And Restaurants In Bengaluru Brand Their Eatery With Caste Name

The majority of the restaurants and cafes in Bengaluru have the prefix “Brahmin” in their titles, which astounded Twitter user “peeleraja.” The Twitter user posted images of the items as they appeared on Zomato and Swiggy, two online food delivery services. The branding of eateries with a caste name sparked a debate on the microblogging platform because the majority of Indian societies are profoundly casteist. Opinions on whether or not the tag for the businesses was intended to be a caste signal varied. According to Zomato, the restaurants have names like Brahmin’s Express, Brahmins Thatte Idli, Brahmin Tiffins & Coffee and Amma’s Brahmin Cafe. Numerous additional options existed, such as those offered by Swiggy under the names Brahmin’s Upahar, Brahmin’s Special Puliogare, and Brahmin’s Kitchen, among others. 

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Twitter User Remembered An Experience Of Casteism From School

As the user was sharing all the pictures of eateries in Bengaluru with screenshots from Zomato and Swiggy, the user remembered an incident from her school where she experienced casteism. The user shared the incident on Twitter where her teacher makes a remark saying only Iyengars are allowed to make puliyogare. She also asked people to read the retweets and replies to her thread of tweets to understand the reason why India is still a backward country. 

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