Bengaluru’s Iconic Cauvery Theatre Shuts Down After 50 Glorious Years; Netizens Share Fond Memories

It's time to bid adieu to the renowned Cauvery Theatre!

by Shreya Ghosh
Bengaluru’s Iconic Cauvery Theatre Shuts Down After 50 Glorious Years; Netizens Share Fond Memories

There was a time when single-screen theatres ruled in towns and cities. Hundreds and thousands of moviegoers stood in queues to buy tickets and watch films on the huge screens. However, the times have changed and with this, the concept of watching cinema has evolved too. In the past few years, we have seen so many single-screen theatres shutting down. This time, the renowned Cauvery Theatre in Bengaluru closed its doors.

Bengaluru’s Cauvery Theatre Shut Down After 5 Decades!

Bengaluru Cauvery Theatre
Picture credit- X/ Ramachandra.M| ರಾಮಚಂದ್ರ.ಎಮ್ (@nanuramu)

Looks like the glorious era of watching movies on single screens is coming to an end. Cauvery Theatre was probably one of the very few remaining ones in Bengaluru to welcome cinema lovers in recent times. For people of our parents and grandparents’ generations and even many millennials, this place holds so many special memories. It was just about 3 weeks back when this theatre celebrated its 50 years. And now, it closed its doors for the final time, marking an end to the successful 5 decades of journey.

The reason behind shutting down this iconic establishment is because of financial reasons. Prakash Narasimhaiah, the owner of the theatre, shared with Hindustan Times how there has been a noticeable drop in the overall revenue. Movie buffs’ choices of experiences and the influence of OTT have impacted these single-screen theatres. There are plans to transform the theatre into a commercial complex.

People living in Bengaluru for decades have visited the Cauvery Theatre at least once or twice if not a lot of times. The experience of being at such a place is indeed something else but shutting it down was the only option seeing the decline in revenue.

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X Users Are Sharing Beautiful Memories

Looks like most people in the city are getting nostalgic ever since hearing about the news of the theatre closing down. Lakhs of Bengalureans have spent hours getting tickets and enjoy watching movies at this 50-year-old theatre. From going with friends to enjoying family time, Cauvery Theatre holds the sweetest memories in many people’s lives. Netizens take to the X platform to share their memories.

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Have you visited the Cauvery Theatre and enjoyed a movie? If yes, share some of your fond memories of watching films here.

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