5 Best Restaurants Across India That Serve Food On Conveyor Belts

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Best Restaurants Across India That Serve Food On Conveyor Belts

Gone are those days when we visited restaurants just to eat and enjoy some moments with our near and dear ones. Fun experiences are something that we want in everything nowadays and to add more surprising elements, many restaurants are serving food in different ways. Conveyor belts are certainly one of the most loved innovative ways of serving dishes to the crowd. If you also want to witness food running around the perimeter of the restaurant and reaching the crowd, here are some places you need to try.

Best Restaurants In India Serving Dishes On Conveyor Belts

1. Green Autobahn

What about enjoying some fun experiences while gorging on delicious dishes? Witness your dishes being served in a state-of-the-art Robo car conveyor belt in Mumbai’s Green Autobahn. Get to indulge in a massive feast of Indian cuisine, Continental, and Pan-Asian in this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

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2. Aajisai Japanese Restaurant

Aajisai Japanese Restaurant is the first in Kolkata to relish dishes directly from a sushi conveyor belt. This is truly a unique establishment in the City of Joy and the most fascinating part is that the entire sushi bar is fully automatic. For everyone who loves to gorge on Japanese cuisine, this restaurant has a teppanyaki section serving the most delectable dishes. For some lip-smacking sushi, you need to be in Aajisai Japanese Restaurant.

3. Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant

Mumbai has so many places to gorge on sushi but finding the best places is a bit tricky. When in Mumbai, you need to visit ‘Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant’. From indulging in a feast directly from the conveyor belts to enjoying a live cooking station to eating in a private dining room, you get to do it all here.


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4. Braun Autobahn

Pune’s Braun Autobahn is one of the best restaurants in India to enjoy eating from conveyor belts. Relish amazing dishes and enjoy such a unique concept in this city’s first place to have an advanced and mechanised restaurant. You will get 5 types of bowls at different prices on the conveyor belts. Enjoy some lip-smacking Indian cuisine here.


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5. Robot Restaurant

Bengaluru’s Robot Restaurant is another place to be at to eat from conveyor belts. The name is enough to describe how mechanised everything is in this restaurant and it is surely an experience in itself.

Here are some of our best recommendations to get amazing experiences in Indian restaurants serving food on conveyor belts. We have covered cities such as Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. So which of these restaurants you are trying out first?