6 Best Tourist Spots To Visit In Nizamabad In Telangana And Feel The City’s Greatness

by Ankita Mazumdar
6 Best Tourist Spots To Visit In Nizamabad In Telangana And Feel The City’s Greatness

Nizamabad has been tossed around the states of India, quite a number of times. Firstly, it came under Hyderabad State and then shifted under Andhra Pradesh. Currently, it is under Telangana and has roots seeped deep into history. Did you know that it is also known as Indhooru and Indhrapuri? Another fact is that Nizamabad, the name consists of ‘Nizam’ as the Nizam of Hyderabad and ‘abad’ means city in the Urdu language. This city is interesting in many ways if you are planning to visit then do not skip these touristy places. 

6 Best Tourist Spots To Visit In Nizamabad In Telangana 

1. Dichpally Ramalayam

This temple is considered one of the oldest temples in Nizamabad. It was built by the Kakatiya Kings during the 14th century. This stunning temple was constructed with black and white basalt stone, and it has exquisite wall sculptures. This temple is special since it connects to Raghunadha Temple via a subway and has 105 steps. Two temples can be visited simultaneously. 

2. Ali Sagar Reservoir

Do you want a nice little picnic getaway in Nizamabad? Ali Sagar Reservoir is a lift irrigation project that is the perfect place to host a picnic. You will get the rich green hills and backwaters of the Sriram Sagar Project, which contributes to a huge part of water usage in Telangana.  Explore their 33-acre garden with a deer park, tree house, fountains, and flower gardens. You will be mesmerised by the scenic beauty.

3. Sarangapur Hanuman Temple

It is a popular pilgrim site where Hanuman devotees flock to the temple for some blessings to have some great mental and physical strength. It is believed that Hanuman does the same for his devotees. A little Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj connection builds here as history says that his guru, Samaratha Ramadas, laid the foundation stone of this shrine.

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4. Nizamabad Fort

This Nizamabad historical monument is something you must not miss! This fort from the tenth century provides a stunning, expansive perspective of Nizamabad. Rashtrakutas erected this historic fort during their time in power. This magnificent fort has seen numerous rulers since it was initially inhabiton by Alauddin Khilji and finally by the Mughals.

5. Sri Neelakanteshwara Temple

It is evident from the name that this 500-year-old temple is for Lord Shiva. It is quite popular for its architecture and resembles the Nagara style. Carving on the walls and pillars of this temple is in a storytelling manner. Looking at the history, this temple was for the Jains but during the rule of Kakatiya, they converted the temple into a Shiva temple.

6. Domakonda Fort

You will be enthralled by this fort’s amazing architecture. You wouldn’t stop admiring it. This architecture also is a living tribute to the great heritage of Telangana with the depiction of both Hindu and Muslim architectural styles. The fort has a temple, a lotus pond and two palaces. What else? You can see pretty tainted paintings in the windows and wooden architecture. The whole of this fort is under the protection of the Government of India. 

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Nizamabad is a great mixture of religious sites and touristy spots. Choose your go-to places from this list and enjoy your stay in Nizamabad.

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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