Bhavana Panday Of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Said Her Guilty Pleasure Is Wine, Pizza And Tiramisu

by Sushmita Mahanta
Bhavana Panday Of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives Said Her Guilty Pleasure Is Wine, Pizza And Tiramisu

Actor Bhavana Panday is currently basking in the success of Bollywood Wives Season 2. The actor recently made her ‘Koffee with Karan’ debut alongside Gauri Khan and Maheep Kapoor and spilled quite a lot of ‘Koffee’! The episode gave a little more insight into Bhavana Panday’s interesting food choices. The episode had the actor revealing that her guilty pleasure food items are Wine, Pizza, and Tiramisu.
Read on to find out the details of the episode where Bhavana shares all her guilty pleasures.

Bhavana Panday Shares Her Guilty Pleasure Food Items During The Koffee With Karan Rapid Fire

Karan Johar’s rapid fires do a ‘Fabulous’ job in making Bollywood celebs spill their ‘Koffees’! In the recent episode, Bhavana Panday has quite a lot to share during her rapid fire. And her guilty pleasures have caught our attention. Bhavana when asked about her guilty pleasures says, “I like some wine, pizza, and tiramisu while stalking my daughter Ananya Panday.”
Sometimes you just need some comfort eating to feel better while keeping a check on your daughter. We get you Bhavana!


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What Other Guilty Pleasure Food Items Can You Treat Yourself With?

Well, now that we know Bhavana Panday and her guilty pleasures, here are a few more guilty pleasure food items to treat yourself with!

Nutella is a treat to your taste buds and makes it to the top of m this pleasure food list. There’s no way you haven’t tried having spoonfuls of Nutella at midnight! But if not, then do give it a try.

Chocolates are something that can make anyone ditch their diets and dive into pleasure. Whether you are working or feeling down or binge-watching, a bar of chocolate is the best friend you need. Trust us!

Chips are such great guilty food treats. Chips are addictive and it’s nearly impossible to eat just one. Almost no one can help themselves around these guilty pleasure food items.

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Now that you have the list of guilty pleasure food items, tell us in the comments section which one of these makes you ditch your diet!


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