Bhopal Pani Puri Seller Offers Free Pani Puri Worth ₹50,000 To Celebrate Birth Of Daughter

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bhopal Pani Puri Seller Offers Free Pani Puri Worth ₹50,000 To Celebrate Birth Of Daughter

A pani puri seller in Bhopal was overjoyed at the birth of his daughter. Anchal Gupta welcomed a baby girl into his family on August 17. The resident of Bima Kunj Kolar area was so thrilled by the joyous occasion that he was shocked to witness the frowns by people around him for the birth of a daughter in his family. They chided him about the financial burden. So, in order to show people that there shouldn’t be any discrimination between a girl or a boy child, the 28-year-old pani puri vendor offered free pani puri worth ₹50,000 to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Read on to know more about this inspirational story.

Pani Puri Seller From Bhopal Serves Free Snacks To Celebrate Birth Of Baby Girl

Anchal Gupta, a pani puri seller from Bhopal said to News18 that he prayed for a daughter. In fact, he went to many religious places of worship, asking God to grant his wish. In his words, God answered his prayers. And on August 17, the 28-year-old became a proud father to a baby girl. While he was on cloud nine, he was heartbroken by the negative reactions from people around him. Anchal Gupta revealed to TOI that they made a face and cautioned him about the financial burden and whatnot. This made him furious and he wanted to send a message that he was proud to have a daughter. He decided to celebrate the birth of a baby girl in a larger than life manner.

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He Fed Hundreds Of Customers ₹50,000 Worth Of Pani Puri

The pani puri vendor set up three stalls in Bima Kunj road in Kolar locality. He then spread the word that free pani puri will be available from 1 pm to 6 pm. This message soon went viral thanks to word of mouth. He sent up tents and made proper arrangements. Anchal Gupta distributed free tamarind water-filled spicy snacks to hundreds of people in the vicinity. Local political leaders also flocked by.

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Despite being a street vendor who had limited earnings, Anchal Gupta sold snacks worth ₹50,000. His customers congratulated him with gusto. The birth of his daughter gave him extra zeal and zest to celebrate in his own distinct style. Well, fathers like Anchal Gupta, surely make the world a better place to live! Meanwhile, if you love pani puri, which type of pani puri eater are you?