Bhutan Is Open For Tourism! Check Out The New Entry Rules For Tourists!

by Sanmita A
Bhutan Is Open For Tourism! Check Out The New Entry Rules For Tourists!

Bhutan did not follow the world when it came to opening borders and welcoming tourists with open arms and all smiles! The country ensured it took the right amount of time, watched the world & gave a lot of thought before letting travellers into the nook and corners of their towns and cities. By next week, this time, Bhutan will be reopening the borders through Assam and travellers can once again explore the beauty of all of it. However, there are NEW rules & here’s everything you must know –

Planning To Tour Bhutan? Here Are The Rules!

On September 23, Bhutan will reopen the border via Assam – Samdrup Jhongkhar and Gelephu border gate. But before you head on to the magnificent country, there are a few mandates you should know:

  • No Quarantine for fully vaccinated tourists. However, rules say you have to provide the certificate of vaccination and it has to be approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • If you’ve had COVID-19 in the last six months, a proof of it, will save you from quarantine mandate
  • Children, less than 11 years, do not need to quarantine as well
  • The unvaccinated tourists will have to quarantine in Bhutan and get RT-PCR testing done.
  • Travel health insurance is necessary and you need to have it!
  • Land borders near India will open next week
  • If you are in India, you can enter Bhutan via Assam – from Samdrup Jongkhar, Gelephu, and Samtse borders. Those are magnificent spots
  • Other international tourists can enter the country via Phuntsholing
Bhutan Tourist Rules
Image C’tsy: Wikimedia Commons

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Will The Tourists Find The New Entry Guide Hassle-Free?

We are thinking as Bhutan is being super cautious about entertaining travellers into the country without supervision. And, the two year pandemic was quite a lesson for everybody. However, the tourism website and other travel websites are ensuring that tourists are welcome into the country with love and kindness. As tourists, you will be able to apply for the visa yourselves from the government’s portals. These will be your links:

Tourism Council of Bhutan
Department of Immigration

Drukair & Bhutan Airlines will also be operational. So do not miss out on their updates! Meanwhile, as you plan a trip to this pretty country, let us know if you have any questions related to travelling there.

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