BMC To Launch An App That Will Let You Book Parking Spots In Advance Across Mumbai

by Tooba Shaikh
BMC To Launch An App That Will Let You Book Parking Spots In Advance Across Mumbai

Owning a vehicle in the city can be a pain in the neck. Especially in Mumbai, where every place is overcrowded and finding a spot to park your car in can get highly stressful. However, This will soon change. The government is all set to release an app that will let vehicle owners reserve spots in public car parks. This will save the vehicle owners from the trouble that goes into looking for decent parking spots.

Finding Parking Spots In Mumbai To Become Easier

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is going to soon launch an app that lets vehicle owners in Mumbai book parking spots in advance. This means that finding paid parking spots across the city will become significantly easier.

This app will be centralised and the BMC will invite an RFP or request for proposal in two weeks to create and develop the software that is required for the app. The details of all the on-street parking spots and public parking lots will be available

The civic body which will be in charge of the app is the Mumbai Parking Authority. This civic body is also responsible for on-street and off-street parking all over Mumbai.

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App Will Function As An Aggregator Facility

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This centralised app will function like an aggregator facility. The public parking spots will be available on the app however, if any private organisations like malls, etc., want to open their parking lots to the public, they are free to do so. They are also free to fix their own tariffs and rates.

People who want to avail a parking space can pick one that suits their needs and pay in advance for it. The app will register and reserve that space for them. This will save them the hassle of reaching their destination and then looking for a parking space.

The Mumbai Parking Authority is also soon going to build two new parking spaces. One will be in Matunga in Central Mumbai and it will have the capacity to hold 475 vehicles. The other facility will be in Mumbadevi in South Mumbai which will have the capacity to hold 546 vehicles.

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Are you looking forward to the launch of this app? How would this app make your life easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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