Boman Irani: I Bought A Camera With The Tips I Earned As A Waiter

by Sanmita A
Boman Irani: I Bought A Camera With The Tips I Earned As A Waiter

Boman Irani – the man who gave us stellar performances in iconic roles, had become a household name. Yet, he had the most humble beginning. Boman began working as a waiter at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, with a monthly salary of ₹105. From there, he rose to what he is today – a name among the finest in the Indian Film Industry. In a new episode of Tere Gully Mein, Curly Tales host Kamiya Jani talks to the amazing persona, Boman Irani as he speaks of his early days, working jobs, emotional anecdotes, and so much more.

Boman Irani Purchases His 1st Camera With The Tips Money

While relishing the delicious food with Kamiya, Boman speaks about how he started his job in the hotel, what he learned, and what had stayed with him. He says he earned very minimal back then and was able to buy his wife a necklace and a camera for himself.

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Boman Irani Clicks Pictures Of Kamiya

Boman speaks of his photographer life and later does a quick photo session with our host. It’s quite a moment to watch the all-rounder from the cinema industry don the photographer’s hat and click pictures with the utmost dedication. He also narrates how he took up portfolio shoots back then.


43 Years Later, Boman Walks Into Taj

Boman takes a walk down the memory lane; as he walks Kamiya into various areas of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, he shares his memories of each section in the hotel and his dream of working at India’s best back then, The Rendevous. He even narrates a little incident when he met his mother while working in the hotel’s room service.

Watch the Tere Gully Mein episode with Boman Irani to discover more about the actor’s yesteryears, his lessons, his acting career and more!

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