Boman Irani Relishes Parsi Dish Dhansak Every Sunday; Confirms It Makes You Very Sleepy

by Sanmita A
Boman Irani Relishes Parsi Dish Dhansak Every Sunday; Confirms It Makes You Very Sleepy

Boman Irani – the persona who took the comedy scene in India’s millennium films by storm, shares his journey from a waiter to becoming India’s most sought actor. In an exclusive interview on Tere Gully Mein with Kamiya Jani, Boman speaks of the regular Sunday food preferred at a Parsi home – Dhansak – and how he relishes it with mutton, not chicken. The duo meet at Boman’s old workplace and a place closest to his heart, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where he served snacks and drinks after completing his studies.

Here are more interesting tidbits from the actor’s life as we travel to iconic places, talk of Parsi cliches, relish ice cream and watch Boman being called cute by his fans.

Eating Dhansak On Sundays And Sleepy Weekends

Boman makes a dramatic entry holding a tray with a drink and serving the same to Kamiya as the duo sits to chat and praise the beautiful view from The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Boman, through this interview, reminisces his days at Rendezvous, working at Taj Mahal’s room service and his experiences as a waiter.

As they proceed to relish the delicious Mediterranean food at Souk, Kamiya narrates about the preferred food on a Sunday in Sindhi and Punjabi households. On asking Boman about the regular dish at a Parsi family, he adds that Dhansak is his favourite, cooked on Sundays or holidays. He emphasizes savouring mutton Dhansak and then going to sleep!


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20 Years Of Marriage, Having Fun Kids And Growing Up With Five ‘Maasis’

Boman speaks of his family time and adds how fun his kids are. He adds how his kids loved spending time with their grandparents with fun and naughty tales to listen to. Boman talks of himself growing up among women, mostly five maasis, chachis, his father’s sisters’ and many female cousins. He also speaks about how growing up around women has helped him understand them better. Well, you must listen to Boman speak about how to bond with women, if not over shopping.

Family, Food, Drink, Dance…Is Boman’s Idea Of ‘Majja Ni Life’

Boman points to a whole list of things when asked about what is ‘Majja Ni Life’ according to him. Starting from family, food, drink, dance, and songs, to helping others and sleeping well. He literally quotes everything that makes life a great and grand one. And wait, the levels of relating with this lively persona will rise when he tells about the vintage item that he owns – Jeans! Can we ever disagree on this?

Watch this fun interview of actor Boman Irani with our host, Kamiya Jani and fall in love with the genuine, relatable and hardworking person that he truly is –

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