This Airline Is Offering UAE-India Flights For As Low As Dh330 For Independence Day

by Deeplata Garde
This Airline Is Offering UAE-India Flights For As Low As Dh330 For Independence Day

The announcement of this special offer between UAE-India came up this week. Travellers arriving from the UAE can skip the state’s statutory quarantine. For travellers travelling to India, Air India has introduced a special Independence Day deal from all GCC stations. Passengers will only need to pay Dh330 for airline tickets from the UAE to Delhi, Mumbai, and other significant Indian destinations.

Independence Day Offer For UAE-India Travel

The airline offers reasonable one-way rates on all direct flights to any location in India from all Gulf Stations (apart from Oman) as part of the ‘One India One Fare’ campaign. The offer is available to travellers between August 8 and August 21, 2022 for UAE-India travel.

All tickets purchased throughout the sale period are eligible for a 35kg check-in baggage allowance and an 8kg hand luggage limit. This allowance limit is allowed till October 15, 2022.

50% of planes running in the Gulf and 56% of seats provided outside the Gulf are contributed by the UAE. There are 81,000 weekly tickets available on Air India’s Gulf services, including Air India Express.

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Maharashtra Government Waived Seven-Day Home Quarantine

This action took place in order to promote tourism in the state. Passengers will no longer require to do RTPCR testing upon arrival, beginning of January 17. India’s ministry of health and family welfare declared made a statement on 7th Jan. All overseas travellers arriving in the country should observe obligatory seven-day home quarantine.

Prices for flights between UAE-India have reduced dramatically. Because of the Indian government’s important announcement. It intended to attract foreign travellers to fly. “People are putting people off because they are afraid of planes being closed again,” an executive said.


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However, some of the other local airlines are offering starting prices for as low as Dh 300 to Indian major cities.