6 Brand-New Attractions & Best Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

by Shrestha Purkayastha
6 Brand-New Attractions & Best Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Without a question, 2021 will be a fantastic and exciting year for Abu Dhabi. There are a number of freshly opened and brand new attractions for visitors to enjoy. Read on for our fascinating list of all the forthcoming and new attractions in Abu Dhabi, which includes everything from a large snow park to a world-class art museum.

1. Take A Mangrove Walk

The Mangrove Walk at Jubail Mangrove Park, which opened in January 2020, is one of Abu Dhabi’s newest attractions. It is proving to be a huge hit with visitors. Visitors can explore the natural mangroves on the Mangrove Walk, also known as the Qurum Walkway. Take a closer look at the vast array of species that calls the area home.

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2. Flamingo Observation Tower

The Abu Dhabi Environment Agency has started work on a Flamingo Observation Tower at the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. The structure at Al Watba was built to provide visitors a better view of the flamingo flocks that flock here by the thousands every winter. Visitors will be able to explore the stunning landscapes from the tower and adjacent walkway. Enjoy the numerous different wildlife species that make Al Wathba Wetland Reserve home at the same time.

3. The World’s Largest Snow Park

A much-anticipated attraction, Snow Park, is slated to open in Reem Mall. The park will be divided into multiple zones and will feature 13 rides. Blizzard’s Bazaar will also be present. Visitors will be able to purchase cold-weather clothes from a specialised shop outlet. Also, there’s an avalanche of wintery trinkets to select from. Snowflake Garden is another feature at this enchanted-forest inspired fantasy. Visitors can make snowmen in a large snowy play area. Enjoy ice labyrinths and other activities. ‘Flurries Mountain’ is also a must-see for visitors. They’ll be able to climb to the top for a spectacular view of Snow Park’s main attraction, The Enchanted Tree.

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Picture Credits: Construction Week Online

4. National Aquarium, Al Qana

The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is a tremendously popular attraction right now, with about ten unique zones spread across 5,000 square metres. This intriguing edutainment zone, which is part of the Al Qana project and was recently launched, is home to more than 250 marine species. Sharks are among them. Visitors will also be able to participate in over 60 underwater performances, exhibitions, and scuba diving classes at the aquarium. The facility will be managed by a group of approximately 80 marine professionals.

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5. Al Qana Development

Al Qana is an off-plan seaside destination that spans seven neighbourhoods. This will provide Abu Dhabi with a plethora of new entertainment options. Al Barakah International Investment is behind the development. With huge VR and eSports hubs, prominent cafés, jogging and walking routes, natural landscapes, and more, the area will be transformed into a high-end facility. The construction of the project was almost 90% complete as of November 2020.

6. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will be a vibrant new platform in the UAE for modern and contemporary art. The museum’s building was designed by Frank Gehry and is expected to become a major attraction on Abu Dhabi’s Al Saadiyat Island. The museum, which is now under construction, will highlight the global history of art from the 1960s onwards, with a focus on Middle Eastern art.

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