British Tourist Raped In Goa Beach: Is Goa Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
British Tourist Raped In Goa Beach: Is Goa Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Goa is one of the most popular vacation places in India. People all around the world tend to visit this place. Many female tourists who come here are solo travellers. But time and again the question of the safety of such female solo travellers come into the limelight because of the incidents here. In a recent incident, a British female traveller was raped near Arambol beach.

Woman Raped Under The Pretext Of Massage

A man raped a British woman in front of her male partner under the pretext of giving her a relaxing massage near Arambol Beach in North Goa. The man is a local resident and also a part of the illegal massage service group. The woman said that the man raped her under the pretext of massage when she was lying with her male partner near Sweet Water Lake. After consulting her family members in the UK and seeking assistance from the British Embassy in India, the woman lodged the complaint at the Pernem police station on Monday after the incident occurred on June 2

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Is Goa Safe For Solo Female Travellers

Such incidents run a chill down the spine and actually create fear in the minds and hearts of women. In recent decades, India has recorded an increase of 70.7 per cent in rape-related crimes, and Goa has seen an increase of 559.4 per cent and 5.6 times greater than the national average. The Government of Goa took these numbers and the question of the safety of women into consideration and has launched the Beach Vigil App. With the launch of the app, which will act as a strong tool for law enforcement, the government promises empowerment and safeguarding of female solo travellers and female tourists.


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