7 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers In India

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 8856

Solo travelling is one of the most ideal ways to experience freedom in its best form. And with the coronavirus pandemic still on us, what can be a better option than a solo trip to satiate our wanderlust souls in a socially-distanced way? Having said that, it’s always easier for guys to decide on a solo journey and stay, eat and booze anywhere. But when it’s about girls, the safety quotient comes into play. To ease the woes, we have found out the 7 safest places in India, perfect for female solo travellers:

1. Gangtok, Sikkim

Gangtok, the capital of the mountainous state Sikkim can be an amazing pick for solo travel for any woman. Sikkimese people are very welcoming and hospitable. Also, Mahatma Gandhi Marg in Gangtok always remains crowded with tourists, where you can also get some scrumptious momos and loads of fashionable, high-quality winter garments.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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From Gangtok, you can hire a car a visit a number of picturesque snow-covered places like Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Bakthang Waterfall, Tashi View Point and loads more. You can also have the Gangtok’s cable car experience to get a bird’s eye view of the city. Prefer to live in a homestay run by the natives to get a hang of the heartwarming local culture and food.

2.  Meghalaya

Meghalaya, which literally means abode of the clouds is one of the incredible Seven Sisters in the north-eastern part of India. It is comfortably tucked between Bangladesh in the South and the Brahmaputra valley in the North. Blessed with natural beauty, Meghalaya is famous for its deep gorges, roaring waterfalls, living bridges and outrageously friendly people.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers IndiaMeghalaya is an all-year-round tourist destination, where the summer welcomes you with spring festivals, the monsoon with its intense greenery and the winters with its blanket of fog and low temperatures. You can visit the Nartiang Monoliths in Jaintia Hills, the splendid Krang Suri waterfalls, the double-decker living root bridges, the Krem Rupasor caves or enjoy hot-air ballooning through the countryside at Jowai. At Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong, there is also the Bara Bazaar market run mostly by women.

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3. Hampi

If you’re a history buff and have a love for things of the bygone era, then Hampi in Karnataka is your go-to place. The village of Hampi has many historic temples and architectures from the Vijayanagara Empire, and their beauty will leave you utterly spellbound. Near the Hampi bazaar, on the bank of River Tungabhadra, lies the 7th-century spectacular Virupaksha Temple.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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At Hampi, you can enjoy the coracle boat ride, witness the breathtaking sunset by the ruins and also indulge in some shopping spree at the local shops. Hampi also bagged the second rank on New York Times’ ‘List of Places To Go’.

4. Pondicherry

The pretty French Quarter in Pondicherry can be an amazing choice if you’re planning to go for a solo trip. The quaint houses in warm pastel colours, the clean alleys and the charming cafes out here will win your heart for sure. You can even pose with your trendiest dresses on the beautiful streets to get the best pictures for your social media feeds or relax on the Promenade beach.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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5. Mizoram

The dainty state in the southern tip of north-east India can be a remarkable place for your solo trip. The steep rocky cliff with golden grass swaying on one side and the virgin forests on the other, at Mizoram’s Reiek Tlang will mesmerize every bit of your soul. If you’re a bookworm, you will be definitely bowled over by the cutesy roadside library at Aizawl. Mizoram has also bagged the highest rank in terms of the happiest places in India.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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6. Rishikesh

The yoga capital, Rishikesh houses many female-only hostels and dormitories with all the amenities. If you travel solo to Rishikesh, you can stay in these properties and also make friends with like-minded solo woman travellers. Being at Rishikesh, you can witness the splendid aarti by the Ganges and also take part in a slew of adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, ziplining, rock climbing, cliff jumping, zorbing, rappelling, paragliding and loads more. The highest bungee jumping point in India is also in Rishikesh.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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7. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar in Kerala is one of the most serene and peaceful places in the country. It is known for its rolling mist-clad hills, evergreen tea plantations and spice gardens, gurgling rivers, cascading waterfalls, winding trails, wildlife protected areas and much more. It is the perfect place to escape alone and unwind and relax amid the lush greenery. This hill station is in the Idukki district of Kerala and the people out here are considered to be very honest and hardworking.

 Safest Places For Female Solo Travellers India

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So girls, pull out your backpacks, load them with the safety gears and documents and set off to conquer the fairytale destinations. After all, why should boys have all the fun? Meanwhile, here are 4 solo women who got candid with us on Women’s Day:

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