Business-Class Feels At Economy Costs? 9 Airlines Offering Premium Economy For Indian Travellers

Explore the luxurious comfort, exclusive amenities, and personalised service offered by top airlines, without the premium price tag.

by Mallika Khurana
Business-Class Feels At Economy Costs? 9 Airlines Offering Premium Economy For Indian Travellers

When it comes to air travel, the concept of premium economy has soared to new heights, redefining the in-flight experience with a tantalising array of perks and comforts. Airlines around the globe have curated exclusive cabins that beckon travellers to indulge in a space that bridges the gap between economy and business class, offering a compelling blend of affordability and luxury. These premium economy cabins are not just an upgrade in seating but an invitation to a world where enhanced legroom, bespoke services, delectable dining, and immersive entertainment converge to create an extraordinary journey. For travellers departing from India, these premium cabins present a compelling reason to splurge, offering a harmonious blend of cultural richness, personalised service, and an array of amenities that transform air travel.

Airlines Offering Premium Economy Seats From India

1. British Airways

British Airways
Photo Credits: British Airways/Website

With a more spacious and quieter cabin, British Airways’ World Traveller Plus offers exclusivity. The benefits include more legroom, wider seats, and a separate cabin for a more upscale atmosphere. Comfy meets sustainability with a personal entertainment system, noise-cancelling headphones, and a chic amenity kit composed of recycled materials. Furthermore, the dining service offers a hint of luxury with its signature cocktails and mocktails. It is a worthwhile upgrade because it comes with priority boarding and more luggage allowance.

2. Lufthansa

Premium Economy
Photo Credits: Lufthansa/Website

In addition to two free checked bags weighing up to 23 kg each, Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Class provides up to 50% more personal space. With a cocktail table nestled into the armrest for added convenience, the cabin offers cosy seats. The airline serves meals on fine china tableware and welcomes passengers with a drink. Travel kits and other amenities also help passengers arrive feeling rejuvenated, and in-flight entertainment with 11- or 12-inch monitors guarantees a comfortable flight.

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3. Air Canada

Premium Economy
Photo Credits: Air Canada/Website

With larger seats that offer more legroom and increased recline, Air Canada’s Premium Economy class uplifts the experience and provides comfort for passengers. Priority services certainly speed up the airport experience. The in-flight dining and entertainment are also redefined with premium cuisine and a robust entertainment system. Convenience is further enhanced by the substantial baggage allowance, which completes the package for a relaxing trip.

4. Cathay Pacific

Premium Economy
Photo Credits: Cathay Pacific/Website

With a wide recline, more legroom, and supported headrests, Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy places a strong emphasis on comfort. The airline offers individualised service, offering drinks to guests upon arrival. They make sure that they have a pleasant meal experience with nutritious, freshly prepared food and an impressive assortment of beverages. With a vast selection of content available, the in-flight entertainment system makes the trip engaging. Extra features, like an environmentally friendly kit, also make for a revitalising trip.

5. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Air
Photo Credits: Singapore Air/Website

With larger seats and designated stowage areas, Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class emphasises space. The reading lights and USB ports on the seats are convenient features. By enabling guests to reserve their main course in advance through their “Book the Cook” feature, they also improve the dining experience. Travellers have plenty of options to choose from thanks to the extensive in-flight menu that is accessible via Wi-Fi.

6. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Photo Credits: All Nippon Airways/Website

With a wider seat pitch and width, ANA’s Premium Economy seats provide additional comfort and contribute to a more comfortable ride. Between meal services, travellers can enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks. Throughout the journey, they can also stay entertained and connected thanks to the in-flight entertainment system and the available Wi-Fi.

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7. Qantas

Photo Credits: Qantas/Website

Premium Economy on Qantas provides a more personal cabin experience with priority boarding, dedicated check-in, and attentive service. Because of their wider seats and additional legroom, the seats are optimised for maximum comfort on extremely long flights. An enjoyable flight is guaranteed by the entertainment system, and the Neil Perry-designed dining experience completes the trip.

8. Emirates


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With its broader seats, raised leg rests, and headrests that can be adjusted, Emirates’ Premium Economy cabin emphasises comfort and relaxation. A hint of luxury is added by the expanded beverage options, monthly regional menus, and improved dining experience. An enjoyable and connected journey is also guaranteed by the entertainment system, which includes a 13.3-inch HD TV and faster Wi-Fi.

9. Jazeera Airways

Photo Credits: Jazeera Airways/Website

Jazeera Airways offers a comfortable travel experience with its premium seats. Passengers can relax in exclusive dark leather seats featuring headrests for added comfort. With a generous 33-inch seat pitch, travellers can enjoy additional legroom, ensuring a more spacious journey. The cabin crew provides the first selection from the Jazeera Café menu, enhancing the in-flight dining experience. Sitting at the front of the cabin ensures a swift exit upon arrival, adding convenience to the overall travel experience.

Every airline’s premium economy cabin offers a different combination of facilities, services, and comfort to suit different tastes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Emirates/Instagram

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