Butter Chicken Wasn’t Enough, Gordon Ramsay Gets Bashed For “Whitewashed” Roghan Josh

by Tooba Shaikh
Butter Chicken Wasn’t Enough, Gordon Ramsay Gets Bashed For “Whitewashed” Roghan Josh

Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef. He has crafted countless world-class dishes, many of which ended up winning him a Michelin star. However, it seems that when it comes to Indian cuisine, this Michelin-starred chef completely misses the mark. Just a few weeks back, the famously angry chef came under fire for serving a plate of butter chicken that seemed less than impressive to Netizens. Now, it is Roghan Josh that is the subject of Internet criticism.

Gordon Ramsay Gets Bashed For Poor Roghan Josh


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After being trolled for his sad-looking butter chicken, Gordon Ramsay is now being criticised for promoting sad-looking Roghan Josh. He took to his Instagram account and posted a video of Roghan Josh being plated at a new food joint opening.

This Roghan Josh belonged to a newly opened food joint that Ramsay was promoting. In the video, a person is seen scooping out what looks like red curry with meat into a kadhai. The person then proceeds to put two pieces of dry-looking naan inside the kadhai as garnish along with a bunch of chopped coriander.

Needless to say, the Internet had opinions because suddenly, now, everyone is a cooking expert. There were many comments pointing out a range of issues with the dish. Many pointed out the gross mistake of shoving naan inside the kadhai, while others took issues with portion sizes.

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No Roghan, Poor Naan, And Small Portions

The criticisms that the dish received were as hilarious as they were on point. One of the commenters pointed out that Roghan literally means a pool of oil in which the dish is tempered. However, the dish in the video hardly had any oil.

Furthermore, the curry, to many, looked like a plain tomato curry rather than the delicious and elaborate dish that is Roghan Josh. Many were also offended by the fact that two very sad and dry pieces of naan were shoved inside the kadhai.

What is more, the portion size also seemed like an issue. All in all, it is safe to say that the dish did not pass the Internet’s vibe check even if Gordon Ramsay seemed to like it.

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