By 2030, India Will Become 4th Largest Global Travel Spender; Expenditure To Reach $410 Billion!

by Shreya Rathod
By 2030, India Will Become 4th Largest Global Travel Spender; Expenditure To Reach $410 Billion!

India has a lot of potential for tourism and, in recent years, Indians have started travelling more. The country’s tourism sector is expanding dramatically. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, since tourists are spending more than ever. By 2030, it is predicted that Indian tourists will spend $410 billion in total, making India the fourth-largest global travel spender in the world. Here’s what India’s tourism industry report states.

India To Become 4th Largest Global Travel Spender By 2030!

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There is a staggering 173 per cent increase over the pre-Covid period (2019), when travellers from India spent $150 billion. And make them the sixth highest global spenders. These are some of the findings from the new report, “How India Travels,” by and McKinsey & Company.

According to the survey, India took the lead in Asia in terms of tourism expenditure recovery in 2022. And reached 78 per cent in 2019. It is anticipated that there will be an astounding 5 billion journeys overall by 2030, up from 2.3 billion in 2019.

Following India (with an average window of 29 days), Japan (with a window of 57 days), and the USA (with a window of 63 days), tourists demonstrate impressive spontaneity in their trip planning. Additionally, travellers prioritised culinary comfort. Over 80 per cent of them placing a high value on restaurant and room service alternatives during their stay. In fact, alternative lodging choices, like hostels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, and chalets, are becoming more popular with travellers.

According to data from, a new trend is beginning where less well-known treasures are now inspiring tourists’ wanderlust. Bookings for destinations like Varanasi, Gurugram, and Coimbatore are rising dramatically. Hilly destinations like Manali, Shimla, and Lonavala continue to be popular, but unusual places like Panchgani, Madikeri, and Mount Abu are leading the pack in terms of demand increase in 2023.

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In addition, tourists are increasingly searching abroad for their upcoming vacation, with new locations like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nepal rising to the top of the list.

Indian Films Influence Tourist’s Interest

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Indian television and film influence tourists’ interests, with more than half (that is 54%) saying they would pick a location featured in a programme or film. Only 2 per cent of travellers say they have no influence.

Mega events, such as athletic competitions like ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, political gatherings like G20 Summit 2023, music festivals like Lollapalooza, and many others, have a magnetic pull on visitors and serve as compelling catalysts for their excursions, according to the paper. Additionally, it was claimed that 88 per cent of Indian tourists are interested in Instagram. And it is followed by 91 per cent of Indian travellers who said that YouTube is their preferred for travel inspiration.

According to Santosh Kumar, Country Manager,, the Indian tourist is enthusiastic, willing, and self-assured to keep moving, exploring new places and new experiences. This is a special chance for India’s travel industry to provide appealing, individualised, and more sustainable experiences to Indian tourists where they are.

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