Bye-Bye FASTag! Enjoy Hassle-Free Road Trips With GPS-Enabled Toll Gates

by Sushmita Mahanta
Bye-Bye FASTag! Enjoy Hassle-Free Road Trips With GPS-Enabled Toll Gates

India will soon see the end of the role of toll plazas. Yes, you heard it right! Indian commuters will soon be able to enjoy hassle-free road trips with GPS-enabled toll gates. The Government of India plans to bring in a GPS-based toll system to replace the current FASTag. This is to ensure easy payment and transport movements on the roads. The upcoming GPS-based toll system will replace FASTag because commuters will no longer be stopping at the toll plazas during road trips. Read on to know more about this new GPS toll system.

Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari’s Take On Hassle-Free Road Trips

Recently Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari reveal in the Parliament that the FASTag is facing challenges because it no longer is systematic. The 2015 system, made compulsory in 2021, fails to make road trips hassle-free.
The government of India is now planning to introduce a GPS-enabled toll system to replace FASTag. This system will ensure the end of toll plazas and will be operational from December 2022 onwards.

Uploading a video of his speech on the same in Parliament, Gadkari tweets, “We will come out with a new policy to replace toll plazas in the country with a GPS-based tracking toll system. It means that toll collection will happen via GPS. The money will be collected based on GPS imaging (on vehicles)”.

About The New GPS-Based Toll System That Will Replace FASTag

The inspiration for the new GPS Based Toll system comes from European countries. The system is quite successful in Sweden, Austria, Germany, France, and Slovakia.

The new toll system will need vehicles to be fitted with GPS. On entering a highway, a highway system will track the transport. Based on the travel distance (in kilometers), the system will automatically make the deduction at any given toll gate. The GPS toll system will also require transport owners to register their names, addresses, vehicle models, registration numbers, and bank account details.

A lot of people believe that the new toll system that is going to replace FASTag, will ensure hassle-free road trips for commuters. However, many also find this more challenging as all vehicles will need to be fitted with GPS systems. Well, if the new toll system will work better than FASTag, only time will tell!

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