Cadbury Avocado Nightmare Is The Newest Addition To Weird Videos & This Is Too Much

by Shreya Ghosh
Cadbury Avocado Nightmare Is The Newest Addition To Weird Videos & This Is Too Much

If you love to watch content and videos on cooking, healthy food, breakfast ideas, and clean eating, you surely have stumbled upon avocado recipes at some point in time. This fruit has become hugely popular over the last couple of years and many people have started adding it to their diets for its health benefits. We have seen many videos of using avocado to make guacamole, salads, baked chips, and what not. But this time, things just got out of hand. The latest viral video is the preparation of Cadbury Avocado & it is a nightmare!

“Cadbury Avocado Nightmare” Is Kind Of A Nightmare Recipe IRL!

A Twitter user named eric rivera (@ericriveracooks) took to Twitter to share a TikTok video preparing an unconventional dish using avocado and eggs. We saw many videos where people make sandwiches using avocados and eggs but this video is simply something that one can certainly never imagine.

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eric rivera shared a TikTok video of @easycookingbaking071 on Twitter showing how a woman prepares a recipe for avocados. Naming it Cadbury Avocado Nightmare, the user shared the video. As we can see, the cook starts by inserting a whole boiled egg inside the hollow part of an avocado. She then adds some flour to a plate and rolls the fruit nicely. Then she dips it in a bowl of beaten egg and adds a layer of breadcrumbs to it. The cook continued by deep frying the layered avocado till it is brown and crunchy. Then she garnishes the fried fruit with some parsley and cuts it into halves. The yolk oozes out of it and looks beautiful. She also adds a pinch of salt before having it.

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions!

Cadbury Avocado Nightmare is gaining a lot of attraction on Twitter. Currently, the video has over 61K views with more than hundreds of likes. Most Tweeple are quite confused about this recipe. They have only one question and it is to identify the reason behind frying the avocado like this. On the other hand, there are some people who are actually interested to eat it.

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Will you give this Cadbury avocado a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ eric rivera (@ericriveracooks)