Can It Be Safe To Travel To Kashmir Amid Unrest?

by Shreya Ghosh
Can It Be Safe To Travel To Kashmir Amid Unrest?

Kashmir is the heaven on earth and everyone wishes to travel here to experience paradise. No matter how excited tourists get to visit Kashmir, a question that always strikes is whether it is a safe time to be there. This beautiful state is awaiting tourists in all glory but the question always remains as it is a politically sensitive destination. We often hear news of the targetted attack on Kashmiri pandits and the frequent stone pelting here. Such incidents cause this fear before travelling here.

Is It Safe To Travel To Kashmir?

Thousands of tourists travel to this magnificent destination every day and all they share is how stunning their trip went while exploring the corners of Kashmir. Even the most bustling places can get attacked at any time as we often hear in the news so staying cautious of what is happening around is very crucial. It is true that Kashmir witnesses these violent situations but hardly tourists get involved in these instances. Well, taking the entire state into consideration, it is safe for tourists to travel here.

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How To Enjoy A Great Vacation Here?

The media’s far-fetched headlines about Kashmir and Bollywood’s portrayal of the state’s negative side trigger the fear. Still, tourists cannot resist from taking a trip to this spectacular destination. The valleys, scenic surroundings, adventure activities, everything comes together to experience one of the most memorable trips in one’s lifetime. Destinations such as Pahalgam, Srinagar, Sonmarg, and Gulmarg are the most visited by tourists. If you stick to such crowded and touristy destinations, plan your itinerary very well, do proper research, and contact a local travel agent, we feel like you are going to have an outstanding vacation in the vistas of Kashmir.

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Always make sure to listen to what your agent says and travel according to that time. Try to stick to the main highways while driving instead of wandering all around. Take help from the locals if required and stay on the proper routes instead of any shortcuts seen on Google Maps.

And most importantly, get hold of a mobile connection as soon as you reach the state. The connections of other states in India are of no use here so arranging local connections in Kashmir is the most important.