Canara Restaurant In Karama Serves Fish Thali The Mangalorean Way

by Saniya
Canara Restaurant In Karama Serves Fish Thali The Mangalorean Way

This Karama restaurant brings the flavors of Kanara cuisine to Dubai with its distinct style of doing seafood. And, what better way of getting a wholesome Mangolerean meal experience than ordering a Thali? Even better, it is the Fish Thali we are talking about. Get us some already!!

Mangalorean Cuisine at Canara Restaurant
Canara Restaurant (Source: Zomato)

What’s it?

The Kanara Cuisine brings the flavors from the homes of the Western coast of the Indian Peninsula. So with the proximity to the coast comes the abundance of sea food in the local cuisine. And we have found you a perfect eatery that serves the best of the cuisine spicing our food up in the most authentic manner possible. Tucked in Karama, this one gets busy with Mangalorean cuisine lovers. But it’s their Thali has our heart. The best part? They serve not one, but two variants of their Fish Thali.

Mangalorean Food At Canara
Canara Restaurant (Source: Zomato)

On Their Menu

Go basic with their Fish Thali for AED 20 and get served some finger-licking food. This one is enough to fill you up for lunch. Order this Thali and have a large bowl of rice with a delicious and wholesome serving of a Fish curry and a Vegetarian curry to go. The Thali also comes with chutney condiments to ensure your food has the tangy crunch with the food. And we love the chutneys as much we love the flavors of the rest of the thali! Also, expect spicily done anchovies that complete the experience.

Rawa Fish in Fish Thali at Canara Restaurant
Rawa Fish in Fish Thali (Source: Zomato)

The Thali also has the much-needed crunch to go with the food with their fried fish offer- you can choose from two- go for the Rawa Fried Fish or Tawa Fried Fish. The Rawa Fried Fish, as the name suggests, is your kingfish slathered in toasted Semolina giving your fish the nutty crunch you needed to go with your creamy fish flesh.

Anchovies Fry in Fish Thali (Source: Zomato)
Anchovies Fry in Fish Thali (Source: Zomato)

You thought that was an extravagant meal in itself? Well, then they outdo themselves with the portions and flavors with their Special Fish Thali for AED 30. Taking a notch higher with the curry and upsized Fish fries, this Special Fish Thali ensures you have filled your stomach and your heart with the flavors.

What else?

The restaurant loyalists swear by the Neer Dosas here. They serve paper thin and soft dosas to go with the delicious curries for AED 1.75. You read it right! Dosa lovers are in for a treat here with the chicken and prawn Dosas. They also serve Chinese, and North Indian dishes like Schezwan dipped Crispy Chilli Chicken [AED 19] or Butter Chicken [AED 19] too. But our sources tell their Manglorean-style seafood simply takes the cake with the Pomfret Fry and Crab Sukka [AED 21].


Where: Opposite Iranian School, Karama
When: 12PM – 3:30PM | 7PM – 11:30 PM
Price: AED 85 for 2
Contact: 04 396 2966

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