Can’t Get A Table At A Restaurant? Here’s How To Reduce The Wait Time

by Vinita Jain
Can’t Get A Table At A Restaurant? Here’s How To Reduce The Wait Time

To celebrate any occasion we often end up in the most popular and our favorite restaurants. But what if someday those places and busy, and you forget to book a table? Or you expected fewer guests and end up having a bunch of them. The walk-in at the popular restaurants doesn’t work half of the time. Getting a table in the restaurant might be an issue sometimes. But we got a solution to this problem when prior booking for a table is not done. Here are some tips on how you can reduce the waiting time at any restaurant.

1. Requests Always Work

Suppose, you call up a restaurant to book a table for you and your friends on Saturday. If they reply by saying no they are full tonight. Never give them an attitude or reply ruthlessly. Request them politely say, “Me and my friends really wanted to spend the weekend at your gorgeous place, it will be great if you can get us a table a little before-after the time”. The receptionist always appreciates the polite behavior.

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2. Wait At The Bar

If you are visiting any restaurant with a bar, and are not able to find a table. You can ask the hostess if you can stand at the bar till the time they get any vacant tables. This tricky way of getting a table at a restaurant mostly works. They’ll obviously allow you and will try to give you a table as soon as possible.

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3. Contacts Can Act As A Saviour

If you know anybody from the staff of that restaurant, there’s no harm in asking them, if they can arrange a table for you. Rather than foiling your weekend plans ask for help from somebody you know from that restaurant’s staff.

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After all of this if you find a table, don’t forget to tip them generously, in order to make a reputation among the staff. This will definitely help you in getting a table next time.

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