Careem To Offer Free Wifi For All Passengers From July

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Careem To Offer Free Wifi For All Passengers From July

The next time you’re stepping out, you don’t have to worry about data package. Well, at least if you are hailing a Careem cab. The cab hailer app will soon provide passengers free Wifi while on board. The new initiative is expected to roll out mid July.

What’s It?

Running out of data? No worries! Starting next month, all Careem riders can enjoy free Wifi onboard. How cool is that! Etisalat and media tech company Snapit Digital have partnered to provide passengers free Wifi, to let them stay connected.


Careem has indicated that passengers might be able to enjoy free Wifi around mid July. Travelers can then enjoy unlimited free wifi using their mobile phone number and a one time password.

Adib Samara, head of business development at Careem, said ” “This agreement is another vital step forward in making Careem one of the safest and trusted online platforms in the region.”

In addition, Careem is also giving a 50% discount to passengers traveling to and from Dubai International airport. The offer is valid until 6 July.

What Else?

Careem has also unveiled a new feature that allows riders to hail RTA taxis using the same app. Guests can then pay using a credit or debit card. The new initiative is Careem’s effort to make RTA taxis more accessible to residents.

That’s not it! Taxi drivers are also given a map and directions that will help them reach the preferred destination without hassle. The booking involves two simple steps:

1. Open Careem app, select RTA Taxi under car options
2. Payment will automatically be deducted from your mapped debit or credit card

Recently, the Dubai RTA installed Point of Sale devices in taxis, encouraging contactless payment system. You can also pay through your smart phone using Apple pay, or Samsung pay. So, whether you want to pay through nol card or credit card, you can do so without swiping your card. That’s not it! You can also use your smartphone and pay via Apple pay or Samsung pay.