Celebrate The Legacy Of Bengal’s Mishti With Jugal’s Literature Fest 2023 In Kolkata

Jugal's Literature festival
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 170

Bengal’s cuisine will always be incomplete without mentioning its lovely sweets. They have been an integral part of the state’s culture and traditions. Be it rasgulla, sandesh, or mishti doi, these heavenly sweets have our hearts for sure. So, here is a festival that proudly celebrates the legacy of mishti. Jugal’s Literature Fest in Kolkata is the world’s first literary festival on mishti, where you can learn more about it. 

Jugal’s Literature Fest 2023 In Kolkata 

Jugal’s Literature Fest 2023 in Kolkata is based on mishti, which is a unique form of dessert from Bengal. The sweet is adored by over 300 million Bengalis worldwide. The festival will celebrate the legacy with some amazing minds from the industry. This will include culinary experts, food historians, food writers, industrialists, dairy experts, and economists. Jugal’s is a famous chain of sweet shops in Bengal. 

This two-day convention will have panel discussions, open forums, exhibitions of artwork and photographs, and hands-on workshops on all things mishti. Each of the festival’s workshops will go in-depth on the history, legacies, culinary influence, economics, socio-cultural impact, and, most significantly, the future of the mishti business. The festival actually aims to take a deep dive into the mishti industry through documentation, research, and conservation. 

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Giving Mishti Industry The Respect It Deserves

India-Canadian Lahana Ghosh belongs to the family of the 99-year-old sweet shop, Jugal’s. Jugal’s Literature Fest was her brainchild, as she came from Vancouver to India to give the mishti industry all the respect it deserves. She claims that comparing the cost of human resources in the sweet business to those in industries with more automated production lines is difficult.

The festival will be celebrated over two days, namely February 11 and 12. You will have to register for the event so that you can get access to the celebration. For workshops, you have to register separately. Through workshops, you can learn the nuances of making this famous sweet and also taste the authentic ones. You can register for the following events by going to their official website:

  1. Milk & Sugar, The Art Of Mishti Making, Part-One
  2. Mishti Tasting- Part One
  3. Mishti Tasting-Part Two
  4. Milk & Sugar, The Art Of Mishti Making, Part-Two

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Where: Town Hall Kolkata

When: 11 & 12 February

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr