Chandigarh Biker Made To Clean Road After Spitting

by Suchismita Pal
Chandigarh Biker Made To Clean Road After Spitting

Even after the alarming rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country, some people aren’t getting rid of their bad practices. Everyone is now constantly being advised to maintain social distancing and follow the hygiene protocols strictly. But this biker in Chandigarh totally forgot about the guidelines and spat on the road. His action angered the traffic volunteers. They neither arrested him or imposed any fine. Instead, they used ’embarrassment’ as a tool to teach him a lesson. Scroll down to know the entire story.

What Happened?

About 100 metres away from the traffic check post, a guy on a two-wheeler committed a grave mistake. That’s spitting in the time of coronavirus. During a time when a simple cough is alarming, spitting can also have dangerous consequences. Traffic cop, Baldev Singh, went up to the man and told him to clean the spot immediately. The biker was made to sit down and wipe the area where he spat, while the cop poured water. The volunteers warned him about his actions and reminded him not to repeat it again.


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What Else?

A month ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the nation in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, requesting people not to spit in public zones, to support the fight against coronavirus. In this speech, he had said, “We always knew that spitting in public places is wrong. Yet, it continued in places. Now is the best time to ensure we do not spit.” Respiratory droplets out of coughing or sneezing are the main sources of virus transmission and if an affected person spits, that too can result in the spread of the infection.

Spitting is now declared as a punishable offence in India under the Disaster Management Act. States like Uttar Pradesh have banned pan masala products to discourage spitting. The municipal corporations of Delhi, Gurugram, Greater Mumbai, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have decided to impose a fine of ₹1000 if anyone is caught spitting in public. In Himachal Pradesh, people who spit in public will now be charged with an ‘attempt to murder’. Some other states like Bihar, Telangana, and Assam have stopped the sale of smokeless tobacco products.

Picture Credits: Pune Mirror

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The infection is spreading like wildfire. Let us all be responsible citizens and do the best we can to combat the virus spread as much as possible.